Cape Verde: euros or pounds preferred?
  • I have been told I need Euros to take to Cape Verde to change into their Escudos. Does anyone know if this right or am I able to take British Pounds to exchange there. I have had several conflicting answers to this.
  • Correct - you are advised to take Euros, which you can easily change at the airport when you arrive. The money changing booth is open according to flight arrivals. Some shops and taxis accept Euros as payment but you will pay the equivalent of 20% more.

    Pounds can be changed only at banks in town, but there are long queues and you will waste time. You will be able to draw local currency via the ATMs using your Visa or similar. There are 3 ATMs in town.
  • I am going to Boavista in March. I understand there are no ATMs there. Can I take CVE into the country and if so how many?
  • Thank you Lebowski for the information I will get my Euros to take with me.
  • Is it better to take US Dollars or Euros to Cape Verde ??
  • As above, Euros are the preferred currency in Cape Verde.
  • Thank you...I took Euros used them anywhere and everywhere and no problems......Raymar
  • Thanks. That information is just what I needed to know'
  • As a European National is a visa required to enter Cape Verde?
  • I am going to Cape Verde in April and want to know what can i get for 20 euros, ie, will that buy me 2 drinks or a 3 course meal ?

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