Where to go in Turkey - suggestions please
  • If you want to see a place were time has stood still in Turkey and experience what Turkey used to be like about 15 to 20 yrs ago before the influx of all-inclusive and package holidays of the last decade, then Cirali is the place for this..

    Cirali is a great little village, nice clean beach and a mix of sand and pebbles, ruins of Olympos and the flames of "Chimaera" the world''s oldest and best-known natural "eternal flame".

    No mass tourism or 5 star hotels. Just nice family own hotels and pansiyons. Small shops, quiet bars, restaurants, and no discos. It is more of a place for nature lovers and chilling out. It can be too quiet for some if you are looking for more in the way of and actiive nightlife..
  • Hello everybody. I live in Turkey and i was always going to Olympos and i have stop to go there . It was getting more populer and starting to lose its face. . But if you go there out of season like March, April, May, June, September and October. It is really nice.

    I have started to go there again after years when i found a beautuful place to stay. Name is ''Köyevi Countryhouse'' . It is little far from the beach but it is also nice to be away from the other pensions which are located next to the eachother. You don't have to listen the other pensions's noises. And Köyevi is really inside of the nature. Perfect foods, realy relaxing chill atmosphere and friendly family owners craeted there really cute. This is their webside: http://www.koyevi.com/en/

    And around september and october there is rock climbing festivals. There is rotes for climbers. Beach is the same beach with Çıralı and it is a paradise. I would like to remind it again , don't go there in the season.

    Rent a car before going there to visit some other nice places. And you should do trekking there. You can walk the lycian way(likya yolu) from Olympos to Adrasan. It is max 8 hours to walk over the mountain.
  • Tomtis, you forgot to mention the biggest attraction, which are the flames that occur naturally, billowing out of the mountainside. Quite a spectacular sight. According to legend , the monster Chimera who had three fire spewing heads, was chased by the Lycian hero Bellerophon on his winged horse Pegasus. 
    Bellerophon  killed Chimera by chopping off his three heads. The flaming heads fell in the mountain where they still burn today.

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