Burma/Myanmar safe for tourists?
  • How safe is Burma/Myanmar for tourists. I have my visa for Burma, but have just read that there is an election soon. Will it still be safe to travel there as a tourist? I like taking photographs, will they suspect that I'm a journalist? I want to go to Rangoon/Yangon and the coastal areas. Is the Junta going to cause trouble during the election and will there be riots?

    How safe is it in general, should I rather wait until after the elections?
  • Burma is safe for tourists, in fact far safer than just about any other Asian destination apart from Bhutan. Use your camera as much as you like - but no snapping of government personnel or buildings. The election is not a great time to visit though, as people are likely to be on their edge. Best postpone for afterwards in my view.
  • I think you're right, I've spoken to some of my friends in Thailand and they say the same. Thanks for your help.
  • Has anyone been to Burma / Myanmar recently? I would love to get some feedback on the vibe in the country, how safe, and enjoyable the visit was... Also with the release of Aung San Su Ki I wonder if anything noticeable has changed in the country ..

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