Safety in South Korea
  • I want to know more about safety in South Korea. I know that the South Korean government is not friendly with the North Korean government, is this a problem for people travelling to South Korea? Would it be a safe place for a woman to travel on her own. What a crime levels like and is theft a problem?
  • I lived and worked in South Korea for a number of years, and found it, and neighboring Japan, to be two of the safest countries in the world. Crime is low and theft is not a problem. And firearms are prohibited. No worries about a woman traveling alone, anywhere in the country. It's a wonderful country, with gracious people. Go!
  • Hello! We LOVED South Korea and couldn't get over how safe it was. Seoul is a MAJOR city with millions of people and yet women in the subway there feel free to leave their purses on an overhead shelf and then sit down! We saw this many times while we were there and couldn't get over it. Go - and have a great time!

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    Happy Travels!

    Ian and Wendy
  • Wow, what lovely photos. Particularly Haeinsa Temple...I'll have to put it on my list of places to see, and Busan too.
    Thanks you to everyone for their advice and comments.
  • You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed them! Have fun!

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