Do I need to apply for a Visa?
  • Hello!

    I'm a student studying in the UK. I'm not from UK, so I have a student Visa to study here.
    I want to travel to other countries in the Europe during my holidays.
    I was wondering, do I need to apply for a visa to go to Germany or Holland etc?
  • Hi - your student visa does not relate to any travel rights - so depending on your passport you may need a Schengen visa. What is your nationality?
  • Hi friend,
    I am a medical doctor and I got my MD in Romania. I have applied to work in a hospital in Stolzenau and they have accepted my application. What should I do to get a work permit. I am from a commonwealth country, Republic of Mauritius.
  • Hi i am a permanent resident of USA ,and i want to travel Germany . Do I need to apply for a visa to go to Germany
  • hi i am working here in UK, holding a working visa. i was from an asean country.i would like to visit a friend in germany for 3days. waht would be the requirements?
  • hello i am a seafarer and our ship is in hamburg but i wanted to go to england and i have visa in england do you think i can use my seamans transit visa to comeback to hamburg flying from england???
  • hi i am from philippines and i will go to mexico i have only a mexicaan visa and i just transfer another plane in amsterdam airport will i still need another visa?
  • I'm a Colombian citizen with permanent residence in USA, do I need a visa to enter Germany?
  • I am a British Refugee (from Zimbabwe). I need to go to Germany for a job interview - same day return. Do I need a visa for the one day visit and will I need a visa in order to work in Germany.
  • hi I am a student studying in the Netherlands. I'm not from the Netherlands. my passport is marked as -D-. I want to travel to Seattle, USA in my holidays to visit my grandmother. Am i allowed? What are the requirements?
  • hello i am student in uk but i am not from here i am pakistani i want to go germany for visit during my holidays how can i apply visa for germany

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