Ivory Coast tourist safety
  • Is it safe to travel to the Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire). I'm interested in finding out more about tourist safety in Ivory Coast. I know that they're a politically unstable country and that it's been quite dangerous in the past, but what is it like now?
    If anyone has any more information or if they've been there recently please let me know.
    Also what are the main attractions and festivals?
  • Well, I would like to convey still the political unstability is there in Ivory coast. Newly elected ruler still not effective and the former one showing more beaucracy throu out the country. I suggest not to plan now till it comes intoa safe mode.
  • I recently heard that the borders are now closed for entering the
    Ivory coast. Is that true?
  • check out the safety advice on the Ivory Coast on Word Travels:
    Ivory Coast Safety and Travel information

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