Arabic translation of my passport for Libya tourism?
  • Do I need to get an Arabic translation of my passport if I am travelling to Libya for touristic purposes? I've read conflicting reports about requirements for entry into Libya. Some say that everyone needs to get a certified Arabic translation of their passport and travel documents but others say that if you're going to Libya for touristic reasons then you don't need to have a translation. Is this true? Does this apply only if you're part of a tour group?
  • All foreigners requiring visa for Libya must have an Arabic translation of the bio page of their passport. This is normally done by a translater accredited by the Libyan Embassy. Even if you are part of a tour group this will be a requirement. Please note that to enter Libya as a tourist you must be accompanied by a driver/guide and the tour company will assist with the entry visa.
  • Thanks so much for the info Lesley. The different reports from different sites were all quite confusing.
  • My pleasure Sally, but with Libya things are always changing so it's always wise to check with the embassy before booking etc.
  • Where do you go to get the official stamp on your passport translation?
  • Poke - the actual stamp is done by the translator. You should contact your nearest Libyan embassy and they will provide you with the certified and accredited name and number of the translator. You will then be required to send your passport to them and they will do the translation and stamp your passport
  • I have been to Tripoli several times, I have never been ask about Arabic translation of my passport. I am holding Indonesian passsport and the only Arabic show in my passport is the VISA from the country only

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