Lesotho phrases?
  • My bf Pitso was born in Lesotho. Does anyone know how to speak any of the lingo?!? I'm hoping to get something inscribed for my boyfriend for a sentimental Christmas present. He was born in Lesotho and was named by a tribe there. I know there are various languages there, but if anyone could help me with something reall sweet I could write on it i'd be soo grateful. =D
  • Hi Katrina,

    Are you still waiting for an answer? Let me know (editor@finitemagazine.co.ls)

    Nice day!
  • Here you go ... some phrases in Sesotho the co-official language :http://www.omniglot.com/language/phrases/sesotho.php

    There's an "I love you" in there which might work..

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