How many people speak english in Lithuania?
  • How many people speak english in Lithuania? Thinking about going to visit. I've been to the czech republic and slovakia, and was able to get by on english. I'll mostly be in the cities, but I want to visit rural areas as well because it looks cool. Can I get by on english in Lithuania?
  • For sure ;) Almost every young person speaks in english (if not than french, russian or german).
    Come in summer, it's more beautiful then :)

    Greetings from LT
  • Hi
    Dont know if you have been yet .. but as an English speaker living in rural Lithuania I can tell you that virtually no one speaks English ! In the main towns you might find a few basic English speakers .. but they do prefer to simply state "Nesaprantu" .. dont understand. If you speak some German it will help in places .. else learn some Lithuanian !!
  • Thanks Michele... what are doing in back country Lithuania by the way?

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