Malaysian hill resorts, worth it?
  • Are the Malaysian hill resorts worth a visit or is it best just to stick to shopping in KL, and the beach resorts and islands? Everyone talks about the beaches in Malaysia, but I haven't heard many people talk enthusiastically about the hill resorts. I know you can try tea tasting there and you can do jungle treks, but is it worth it or are the hill resorts something that you can take off your itinerary when planning a trip to Malaysia?
  • Beach resorts and the islands are a better option Andrew. If you would like, we can arrange the tour for you as we are a travel agency based in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Hi Shanti,

    Thanks for your advice and your kind offer. Both my fiance and I are very independent travellers so we'd prefer to arrange the tour ourselves. The Wordtravels Malaysia guide has been very informative and both the hill stations and the>beaches look really great. As a travel agency in the country, which beaches do you think are most popular with tour groups and which ones are more out of the way and difficult to get to?

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