Syrian visa requirements
  • I am planning to enter Syria in Feb 2011 but I want to leave by land into Jordan. How can I do this if I have to have an onward ticket when I arrive in Syria?
    any help greatly appreciated
  • Mal - I presume that you are going to go back to your own country after you have visited Jordan? If this is the case then you will in effect have an onward ticket or a return to your country. Depending on your nationality of passport you can purchase your visa at the Syrian/Jordan land border crossing
  • Thanks Lesley
    We won't be going home we are going to fly to Spain but we need to buy the ticket in Syria or Jordan as we don't know the exact date of departure yet.
  • Hey Mal, not a problem. I don't think it will matter really - I've been through the land crossings from Syria/Jordan many, many times and I've never had to show an onward travel ticket. I hope you will enjoy Syria and Jordan - even though I live in tunisia these are some of my favourite places to be.
  • Thanks again Lesley
    I'm sorry to be such a pain but what I heard was that when we arrive in Damascus(we'll be flying from India) that we need to have an onward ticket then and there when we arrive in order to be allowed into Syria. This is our problem we won't have an onward ticket when we arrive because we don't know when or where we will go to after Syria, probably Jordan but maybe Turkey.
    thanks again
  • Hey Mal - you are not a pain!! OK, I've never had to show an onward ticket when arriving into Damascus airport but that's not to say that they don't want to see one. Perhaps checking with the Syrian Embassy will give you the correct answer? Or maybe you can use an airline ticket that allows you to change departure/dates etc? It may cost more but I think it can be for up to 12 months.

    Sorry that I can't help you any more but I'll ask around my contacts and see what they have to say.
  • Dear Mal,

    Just an advise.
    They will for sure ask you or a reservation in an accomodation or they will ask an exit ticket.
    And they are not holding back to just "send you" if you do not have that.
    The entrance visa you can buy just on the right BEFORE you come to the entrance officers.
    Please do that before, otherwise you might wait a long long time in line and they will send you back than to get one.
    This all is only if you come by plane & if you want to entrance Damascus.
    If it is just a flight transit than you do not pass the exit officers.

    Good luck
  • Dear meetsyria
    Thanks for your reply. So this means as long as I have a hotel reservation when I arrive I will be OK. I did ring the Syrian Embassy in Australia and they said that I would not need an onward/exit ticket.

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