Safe for Americans in Morocco?
  • Is it safe for Americans in Morocco? Are they American-friendly or will I be harassed? I want to take my wife to Casablanca for our honeymoon because she loves the movie, but I'm not so sure it's a good idea.
  • You are very safe in Morocco. The only harassing that will happen is traders wishing to sell you something! however, Casa is not the most romantic city in Morocco. Why not stay there for a night or two and take her to Marrakech or to Essaouria much nicer cities and much more romantic.
  • I agree with Lesley totally. It's completely safe here, just take the usual precautions you would take anywhere in the world (e.g., don't walk down dark alleys alone late at night, etc.). Also, Casablanca is just another big city, better to travel to other parts of Morocco if you want to experience a true, romantic, Moroccan adventure.

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