When is the best time to go to New Zealand
  • Hi. When is the best time to go to New Zealand? I am planning to be in Australia in March for a month, would it be best to go to New Zealand in February or April. What is the best time to go there weather wise?
  • If you like warmer weather, longer day-light, day temp. 25C to 30C go February.
    April cool mornings and nights, day temp. 20C to 25C, mainly fine day's, less tourist (cheaper accommodation).
    Good luck.
  • It depends on what you want to do.

    Either month is good, but if you're into swimming and used to warmer waters then it needs to be February. (The above poster is right about temperatures etc.) We have no guarantees on weather. It can pour buckets in February, as well as in April, or it can be fine and settled, either month. (March, however, is nearly always a lovely month itself!) We don't have a particular dry or wet season, that holds true! We also don't have a season where things close down. You can tour any time of the year and find all amenities operating, although some places will have limited hours of opening in full on Winter. (June, July, Aug).

    Late April is stunning in the South Island towns of Arrowtown and Queenstown, and I often suggest to people travelling at that time, to start at the bottom of the South and work Northwards, as there are marked differences in temperature (but not necessarily rainfall)... if they're a bit averse to cooler temperatures.... but unless you're from a very hot climate that's likely not an issue.

    Kids are back at school in early February, but the universities don't go back until March. So, if you're young you may find more fun to be had in February, with younger people... whereas more mature travellers might prefer April.

    No matter when you come... our beautiful scenery, our reknown hospitality, and everything travellers could want to do, will be waiting for you.
  • Very interested in an extended visit (4-6 weeks) to NZ (both islands) in Feb-May 2012 and are planning on locating (probably through VRBO) a place on each islands for approximately 3 weeks each. We are at the early stages of planning this. Several questions:

    1. Best way to get around each island? What is the state of public trans? Are car rentals financially within reason (recently retired educators couple).
    2. Suggestions for "don't miss" events, sites, etc?

    Thanks. Brent
  • February is long and sunny day in New Zealand and in April cool and beautiful night.its depend on you which season like.

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