english bull dog pups for sale $250.00 each
  • just to let some good people know not to get an english bull dogs pups name Maxwell and Lindsay out of cameroom/ the scam is to send him Just $250.00 per pup and he will take care of the rest .when he get the money then sends an email from a tranport company asking for 1200.00 that will be refunded when pups arrive at your door steps . and all is keeped is a 50.00 fee for the food and water for the trip from cameroom , well i been emailing him for a week now and he has gone looking for his money that i didnt send / by the way his email address is krisbenny98@yahoo.com he a no good bastard and a dog scammer , and he says he is god fearing man , well he should be when he goes to hell for stealing money for dogs he dont have . just lucky i know you cant buy a english bull dog pup for 250. it been posted on a few sight now . just punch in kris benny in your bar or english bull dog scams . have a nice one Nunya
  • i guess he will be changing his email address , and have a new one to scam good people out of ther money for Maxwell an Lindsay

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