Abu Dhabi health insurance: compulsory?
  • We are confused, do we require Health Insurance entering Abu Dhabi, ie. new law implemented by Abu Dhabi. We are told this is not necessary for Dubai and are receiving conflicting opinions for Abu.
  • Where have you heard health insurance is compulsory for Abu Dhabi? I haven't picked up anything on this...
  • Thank you for replying, information on various websites including www.word travels.com/Cities/United+Arab+Emirates/Abu+Dhabi - listed under their Abu Dhabi Basics Section - Travel Health.
  • I am pretty sure the law applies only to expats and residents. For travellers the only rule is that any medical expenses are for your own account. Since that could be very expensive, it is strongly advised that you get travel insurance before you go on holiday. Check with credit card provider - if you bought the plane ticket with the card you might autmoatically get free insurance.
  • Many thanks David, your comments now confirm our understanding of what is required and we are now happy to pursue obtaining travel insurance. Better to have queried before embarking on our journey than assume all is well. Your help has been much appreciated. Keep up the good work.
  • You are most welcome Fayrelander... Please drop by the forum again and let us know how your trip went!
  • If you are a UAE resident and you apply for a visit visa for your direct family Immigration advised that it is compulsory to take out their health insurance - private health insurance is not acceptable - its very cheap though - Dhs 45 for one month visa or Dhs 90 for 3 month visit visa.
  • Thank you for your comments Lorraine, all information received has been extremely helpful and we are now set to go. Many thanks.

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