British Passport holder Short Stay in Mexico Entering From USA
  • Hi,

    I am planning a road trip around the southern states of the US. I am wondering what requirements there are for a British Passport holder to be able to cross into Mexico by road and back to the US after a few days? Can anyone help?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Julia - you just need your passport, no visa required. You can drive across the border at Juarez, but take care - its a very dangerous city at the moment. See our Mexico visa page for more info:
  • Thanks DavidF

    CanI drive back across though?! Will the USA let me back in!
  • Why on earth wouldn't they? You have a valid UK passport, no visa is needed to enter the US. If you are planning on smuggling drugs, illegal aliens or massive amounts of hooch, then it could be different..
  • just seen that they are pretty hot on most of their the way you do need a visa...of sorts...the electronic thingy...
  • The ESTA is not a visa, just a form noting a few details about who you are!

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