• I am on a visit to London. Can I go to Germany with a UK visa?
  • Depends on your passport, but not likely. Germany is part of the Schengen visa agreement, whereas UK has its own visa entry requirements.
  • I am a resident in UK, but not a british citizen. Can I get visa to visit Germany?
  • I am a resident (indefinite) in UK but not a british citizen.can i get visa to germany for visit?
  • i am Mongolian, if i apply for UK visa then go to Germany with that UK visa? or i have to apply for a visa for germany as seperate?
  • Emre and Lili: You will need to get a Schengen visa for Germany, which is separate from any UK visa or residence permit.
  • My wife has a full 6 month English visa she is morrocan and gd to return back to agadir from Liverpool to work sh wishes to travel to Frankfurt to visit her family in transit for two days will she need a visa does anyone know ?
  • You will need another visa for Germany Trip.
  • Your wife will need to apply to the German Embassy in the UK for a Schengen visa, to enable to travel to Germany

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