Egyptian Tour Companies
  • I'm going to Egypt in October 09 and cannot find any reviews or comments on:
    a) Destination Egypt; and
    b) ATB Holiday.
    Can anyone shead a light on either of these companies? Also, would you know of a Better Business Bureau type of business for Egypt?
  • hey Sharone, i've never heard of neither, I would Suggest i have dealed with this agent a lot and recommend them.

    can't help you with the BBB though, maybe if u share more info i can try to direct you to anything.
  • Hello Sharon

    Please Send Me Your Email Egypt Have Allot Of Travel Egent With Very Good Services.

    I Can Send You Allot Of Suggestion

    Best Of Luck
    Mona Shawky
  • for more information about Visa, Transfers, hotel booking, cheap excursions with cost ... etc at sharm el Sheikh
    please contact me

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