Best time to visit Paris?
  • We are thinking of a trip to Paris this year, possibly a Paris and Nice combo. Is there a best time to visit based on weather conditions and how does the Aug vacation period effect tourist locations?
    Any recommendation on Hotels right in Paris?
  • The important thing to know is that August is a very busy month for holidays in France. Every french family goes on holidays, mostly to the south. Paris will be better to visit, but Nice might be a bit crowded.
  • The best time to visit Paris is every month of the year! I reckon every season has its own unique value and special charms to reveal. August is a great time to visit. Its warm, there is low traffic volume, and plenty of festivals and events happening. For a hotel recommendation, how about the Hotel Raphael, a really unique boutique hotel that has hosted presidents and rock stars. It is really old world charming, lovely place and great location. Check out the Word Travels page on climate in Paris .
  • Hi I am planning to visit Paris this June. Plz confirm as is this the right time to visit Paris?
  • hello, we r planning to visit paris this may or june,is there a best time to visit???????????
  • Dear Mr. DavidF: I had a stroke in 2005 & I had a disability. I have a little money from the Social Security, so I tend to go to Paris (since time imemorial) on escorted tour budget. What's a great way for cost-saver escorted tour budget?

    Thank you very much, Mr. DavidF!

  • I visited Paris in fall.. It was awsome..
    I was there with my girlfriend and it was fantastic.. so romantic!!!
  • It definitely depends what you're looking for....May is generally quite nice with temperate weather though tons of tourists.

    August is my favourite time of year as the city empties of locals - but lots of shops and restaurants are closed as a result...
  • Hi, I'd say Christmas and summer are the best times to visit Paris.

    - During Christmas the Eiffel Tower has special lights set up and it's wonderful. There are candles and light everywhere on the Champs Elysees, it's very romantic though ;-). It's a very special atmosphere.
    - During Summer Parisians and most French are on holidays so there are less people in the city. It makes things a bit easier and comfortable, you d'ont have to queue at every shop's doors!!!
    - During Spring and winter prices are slightly lower. The cheapest option is to rent an apartment or a studio if you are travelin with friends. I discovered L&V Holiday Rental last year and they have good deals in Paris.

  • I was in Paris in December 2012 and spend whole month there. I think the best time to visit Paris is December and January. Though climate of Paris remains good in all seasons, but I prefer winters for traveling purpose. Paris is a very beautiful city. I had rented an apartment for a month through Paris vacation rental.
  • Many Parisians leave Paris in August and head for the coast, the weather in Paris can be a bit muggy then but it will be less frenetic. I think the best months are either side of summer April, May, June, September and October. The days are a lot shorter in winter, which doesnt encourage sightseeing. See for detailed month-by-month advice on the best time to visit the city.
  • December and january could be cold rarely cold to much.
    June is a very good month to visit Paris.
    October is very romantic in Paris.
    the site below gives information about climate and weather in Paris. It gives also good tips ;-)

  • I lived in Paris 6months last year and I think that it was beautiful in January as it was in June..BUT it's usually very very VERY cold place! so I suggest to you to go around July and August or September.
    thare are so many thing to do, places to visit that it's better to go when it's not too much cold and believe there can be very cold.

  • I was in Paris in January a couple of years ago, and while it wasn't bitterly cold I'd recommend going in the warmer months.
  • If you're set to visit Paris for the first time, you may be persuaded
    that the much-lauded "Paris in the springtime" is the obvious choice--
    but depending on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, and centers of
    interest, another time of year may likely suit you better.
  • I have Edited a poll about the best time to visit Paris.
    I you know Paris please respond to the poll. It will be a good way to have the answer to this question.

  • August have finest weather and as everyone told above that people are on vacation mostly at this time of year.  So its better to visit in this season rather in the cold and chilly weather.
  • June & july middle is a very good month to visit Paris.
  • The famous Parisian springtime might meet all of the expectations of a first-time visitor.
  • August is the best time for the visit of France specially in the city of Paris moving here and there all the tourist come toward the France because weather is very attractive in Paris specially..
  • I recommended Christmas period to visit Paris, August is also good.

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