travelling in terceira, azores
  • I am going to Terceira, Azores in June 2011. I do not drive and do not cycle. Are there any public transport like buses in the island, how frequent are their services and how much do each trip to mueums of places of interest costs. How mush is the taxi meters starts? Anyone out there, who knows??? Please advice
  • Hi myartist1,
    Yes, there are buses in the island – minibuses which are free inside cities and regular buses that ran every hour between cities, Angra and Praia for instance. In this case the price will be 2,5 € and the duration of the trip 1 hour (average). If you choose to go by taxi you can do it for 7€ to 10€ and the duration of the trip will be 15 to 20 minutes (average).
    Hope this helps.
  • myartist1,
    Minibuses run every 20 minutes and buses every hour. If you have ay other queries don't hesitate to contact us.
  • I will be visiting the island of Terceira by cruise ship on May 28. I have been to the Azores several times but never to this island. M was very helpful about the transport. We dock in Praia di Victoria. My question is should I stay in town or try to visit angra do Heroismo by bus? Of course our time is limited here - just a few hours. There are two ship's tours but I prefer to explore on my own if possible. I love seeing the countryside more than churches and museums! Many thanx

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