Where to hike in norway - norway walking holidays
  • Hello - I am a keen walker and am interested in going hiking in norway around the Fjords. Can anyone suggest good places/ routes / areas to hike, and also options on places to stay. Are there any tour operators who can organise such trips, or websites with details on where to go. I will probably be going with a group of 4. Best, Mat
  • Fjords.com has a lot of info on the fjords in Norway. I've heard that Bergen is more or less the gateway to the fjords and from there you can book a tour or a boat that will take you into the fjords so that you can start your hike.
    Have fun.
  • Hello,

    We are a tour operator based in Sweden who operate in all Scandinavian coutries.

    We can help you put together a program with train from Oslo to Bergen making some stops along the way in Fl
  • a little advise please! i am planning to drive my motorhome to north cape from bristol uk last week march first 2 or 3 weeks in april, will i have to cope with much snow?? will be traveling via denmark / oslo then north on e06

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