Is a visa required to enter Manila, Philippines?
  • my bf is a filipino and am an indian he want to come to india to marry me what he needs to bring and what i need to do to go with him as soon as possible please anyone reply me 
  • Hi guys pls help me . I m indian citizen but I m staying in dubai . How can I apply visit visa for Philippines .. For 15 days pls advice me ..
  • You apply here  at the Embassy of the Philipines in Abu Dhabi
  • Hi I'm a syrian national living in United Arab Emirates for 23 years i want to go philippine with my fiancee same living in UAE to do our wedding vows, will i required visa to enter philippine? Pls i need your answer. Pls advise me...

  • Syrians do require a visa to enter the Philippines and you to need to apply at the Embassy of the Philippines in Abu Dhabi for your visa.
  • Thank you very much i am so glad that you answer me back. Very much appreciated!
  • I ama Filipina ,my boyfriend ia a Gambian national,is a visa required if he will stay in Philippines for 3 months.Thanks and waiting for response.
  • Gambians can enter the Philippines without visa for 30 days . You then go to the local Immigration Office and extend the visa for 38 days ( this cost approximately 3010 pesos) After that you can apply for a further extension.

    A little bird told me this tip , which is to go nice and smart to the visa office if you look scruffy some immigration offices like Cebu wont let you in !! No shorts and flip flops please !!
  • Good Morning.Thank you so much for your response.God Bless you Always...

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