Buying Engagement Rings in Turkey
  • Hi there, my partner and I are planning on getting engaged whilst on holiday in Side this June - we would like advice on where we can go to buy a ring - where is reliable and good value? Have heard that prices in Manavgat are better than Side. We were in Side last year and noticed some nice jewellery shops in the old town.

  • May be worth a trip into Antalya itself. Lots of jewellery shops. I can't recommend any particular one, sorry.
    Remember though that unlike the UK prices change daily with the gold price. Not like the UK where you can compare prices in several shops over a week or so. Ask for certification with your purchase.
    Don't consider the big gold centres out of town - they are generally overpriced and aimed at bus tours of tourists. Find a smallish jeweller and chat first. Always worth a bit of a barter as well! Look for somewhere that locals seem to be using rather than a place aimed at tourists.
    Congratulations and good luck with finding your perfect ring.
  • I do recommend big brands like
    they even have online shopping opportunity. you may check the designs and prices.
    If you pay something with small rocks etc. they do fix it free of charge and they give certificate about the good you bought.
    There are many others but Atasay is the first come to my mind. I had bought my wife's from that company.

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