Advice needed on Turunc (Turkey)
  • i am going to turunc in september, has any one stayed in the rose apartments? which are best boat trips?
  • Hi There, I have stayed at the Rose Apartments 6 times now and gets better every year! The family who own it are fantastic and will go out of their way to help you with anything. The rooms are basic but have everything you need! Definetely the best place to stay in Turunc!
  • thanks for that, i am really looking forward to going. do you know if you can go scuba diving from turunc as my son would really like to try this? By the way I have just found this site which has holiday reviews on Turunc - and you can write your own too!
  • hi there i am going to turkey marmirs with my patner we are staying in the villa sun apatments we leave on the 14th of june do anyone know these apartments and is the weather really warm at that time ??? and is turkey really god for shopping for ladies lol !
  • Hi
    I have stayed in the Rose Apts in Turunc and they were lovely and clean. The family that own it are so friendly and looked after us so well.
    The pool is a good size and also cleaned thoroughly every day.
    We went on a private boat trip while we were there. There was a turkish family at the harbour who hired their services and their boat out. There was 4 of us and we went with another family of 4 who we met at the apts. It cost us £50 per family but we had the full boat to ourselves. The Turkish man drove the boat and did us a barbecue for lunch and the wife and daughter made salads and vegetables for the meal and we had such a great day. We were out on the water from 8.30 till 7 at night stopping off to swim in the middle of nowhere. Have a great time. I'm going to Hisaronu this year
  • thanks for your comments. we will be hiring a car for a few days and would welcome ideas on places to visit, fancy saklikent gorge and dalyan river trip.
  • Hi
    I stayed in Turunc last year with my daughter, it is sooo beautiful. As for boat trips just ask at the harbour for Theo, he is a young English lad working on one of the boats. You will have some lovely boat trips with them, very reasonable, all day with barbacue and they take you to 5 different bays where you can get out and swim. You can get a little boat over to Icemeler, leaves every day around 10, thats a lovely place too, with a market on Fridays. Turunc also has a market, I think that is Friday morning - not sure! You will have a great time.
  • Hi, we are staying at Asena Village and some of our friends are staying at Hisar Holiday Club, do we know how far apart these hotels are?
  • can anyone recommend hotel on the beach in a quiet area of Turkey ?
    Never been before and there is so much choice in resorts and qualiy - thought recommendation might be better idea!
  • Hi All,
    We have been to Turunc about 9 times now, so i guess we kinda like it there !
    The Rose apart has to be the best place, the atmosphere is really good. It's the owners. Husseyin, Aynur ( pronounced Ina) Their daughter Rose and son Ali.
    They make you very welcome and nothing is too much trouble. After a few visits, you are part of the 'Turunc' family. That goes for all the great resturants and bars. Turunc seems to be good for all ages, from tots, through teenagers, families to pensioners. Even our 27 year old son went back a couple of times.
    Other hotels are good... Gozdem ii, Sen, Ozcan ( all inclusive) ,but they don't have the atmosphere that you get at Rose Apart. It's the guests as well that go mostly twice a year, congregating at the bar before and after the stroll for the evening meal. Much banter and chatting ensues.
    Don't miss Aynur's barbeque on thursday night............. it's stunning as is the 'crack' with the other guests.
    The beach is 70m away, in a straight line.... just walk through the 'Surmen' resturant and you'll be on the beach.... you don't have to have anything in the resturant, but having coffee, or Efes beer delivered to your sunlounger is pretty good. Their lunches are really nice.. you can just have suop, or a sandwich, egg & chips or traditional Turkish dishes. Good value for money there. They also do the best Kleftico.....
    See J&M travel for tranfers, boat hire, booking Rose, change money, car hire etc. June will help you and take any hassle away.
    We might just see you there !!!

    Hope that helps anyone considering Turunc.
    Pete & Lynne Fairweather.
  • cant wait to go now. is there a barbers in turunc where you can get a turkish shave? how much is food and drink prices?
    ive reviewed quite a few web sites about turunc and it appears there are some very good traditional restaurants. is the beach sand or shingle
  • There are a few barbers - 15 lira (£6)for Cut & shave is the norm. Food & drink reasonable - 3 course meal plus drink for £10. Try the Cardak Restaurant right by the harbour- brilliant view just watching the world roll by. Ask for Arche my best friend. The people are so friendly especially if you treat them as equals, they love banter and have english sense of humour. I have been going three times a year now for the past 3 years, and would not go anywhere else. I have made Real friends with almost everone in the village. Most people will do anything for you, and as long as you show them respect you will be their friends for life
  • Mark , that's amazing, you have a great attitude, and that's why your experience is so great! Tell me, what else would you recommend seeing or doing in Turunc? I know part of the appeal is just chilling, but is there stuff to do when you want to be active and get out and about?
  • David there are plenty of water sports, and boat trips. If you ask Arche or Ali in the Cardak they will put you in contact with the right people. However, that said there are very few people in Turunc who would try to rip you off, everyone is so genuine. My son is 13 and he helps out on the taxi boats all day every day, I trust him with everyone out there, and they treat him as family. My daughter is 16 blond and very pretty yet she goes out at night til late on her own or in a group.I know that everyone there would look after her, the fellas all treat her as a sister. I think this is because they know I have true family values, and the Turks have the same attitude.
    There are also plenty of jeep safari , fishing , or just site seeing trips. I think no matter what you want to do someone will always know where you can do it. Personally I like walking, and often wander off for the day with just a bottle of water to visit some of the bays close by. We get spoilt rotten, as my wife likes laying on the beach, the Cardak restaurant ensure she is well supplied with wine or apple tea all day, as does Mehmet who owns the Heaven shop (T shirts) right by the harbour. He looks like George Clooney, and if you tell him so he will be your best friend also. Both Arche and Mehmet speak really good english so if you need anything go see them.
    Most of the bars are good, but one in particular the M48 Bar( with Ramsay, Santa & James) is particularly popular with the Irish & Engllsh. There is a real mix of ages too, as Ramsay is quite a character and could talk the legs off of a donkey. He will get all the girls up dancing (old and young). Most of the bars have all the live sports if you are into that.
    I could go on all day about all the good things. The only downside to Turunc is the trip from the airport. Because of the complexity of the moutain road you have to change from a big coach to a smaller one at Marmaris. This makes the trip about 2 hours, but once you start the descent from the mountain road, it all becomes worth it. Let us know how you find it
  • Please do you have a web address or contact email for Rose Apartments?
  • I dont think it is possible to contact them direct, but you can book through j&m travel who are based in turunc. just type j&m travel in search engine. also found some great videos about turunc in you tube.
  • has anyone rented a fiat palio and can you tell me what size engine it has?
  • Hi we have a place in Turunc! its a lovely village to visit and definatley the best boat trip is Musti's boat trip. If you walk down the harbour you will see it and be able to book it with Theo or Tarik. Quite often they will have there lovely dog simba with them. Also a new resturant called 'Tapas Mapas' serves brilliant food a taste of all different turkish dishes.
  • Hi, my family went to Turunc last May and fell inlove at first sight. We'd done a little research and thought it sounded wonderful. Have to concur with the tranfer though, very scary but oh so worth it as you descend into what can only be described as a jewel. We actually stayed in the Hotel Turunc, taking advantage of the all inclusive. It's a stones throw from the pretty town of Turunc and has it's own little beach and pretty gardens. Having never been to Turkey before or done All Inc.. we didn't know what to expect. We were spoilt rotton and had one of the nicest holidays we've ever had. We founds the locals wonderful, they are so genuinely friendly and loved our boys, made a real fuss of them both, 10 & 7 now. We never ate out in town simply because we didn't need to but having read some of the above feel we missed out. We have just booked agin for next week and this time bringing our eldest boy who is 18 and we simply can't wait. We did the jeep safari via JM travel, June is lovely and its so easy to feel like you are visiting old friends. We also had a boat trip on Mustaf boat with Simba the gorgous golden retriever at the helm. Lovely day, although Charlie was bit by a jelly fish at the first beach stop, terrible shame but it didn't spoil things too much in truth. The heat is unexpected, we went in May and it touch the 40's then, also I seemed to be the honey pot that the mossies wanted a bite out of. Must cover up more in the evenings this time. We couldn't recommend Turunc enough, only to maybe hope that not too many people hear if it and it then becomes too popular (sorry that's being selfish) but that's how you'll feel, like this is your own private and very special holiday destination :-) x
  • visit MUSTI RESTAURANT.very good food
  • J & m taking commission of rose aparment.if you book form rose apartment more cheaper
  • The comment Ken made is not true it is the same price if you book with the Rose or with June
  • does anyone that has stayed at Hotel Turunc know the difference in a suite and standard room, cant find it wondering if it is worth the extra cost and also what is run of house
  • Hi can anyone give me idea of cost of eating out, I have stayed in cesme very reasonable,kalkan pricey ? where does Turunc stand have 4 children !
  • Hi, we have been to Turunc for the last 2 years and find it a lot cheaper compared to Icemer and other parts of Turkey, I have heard that Kalkan is a pretty expensive place so I think yu will be pleasently surprsed. A must is a visit to Yunus Cafe Bar where you will find the most amazing Turkish Cuisine at great prices. Hope you enjoy
  • Turunc has to be 'Heaven on Earth' - What a place !!!! The beach is a tiny bit small but still fantastic and you don't have to lift a finger - food and drinks served to your lounger all day, every day.

    The views are incredible, Turunc is just one of the best locations I have seen, if you are lucky enough to get a sea view at the hotel you are staying then remember to take your camera..

    I can't wait to go back....... Try to Ozcan Hotel, waiters hospitality is second to none. Owner a little bit miserable but pretend he isn't there, everyone else does!!! ENJOY.
  • Has anybody stayed at the hotel Zeybec in Turunc we are going there in July
    Looking at comments Turunc sound like a nice place. We are going with 3 teenage children.
  • I have not personally stayed in the zeybec, but my family are staying there for 2 weeks in September so let me know your thoughts. It is an beautiful location, walk past everyday , the restaurant overlooks the sea . Turunc is a beautiful place very picturesque, lots of nices places to eat and drink. Just be prepared for the long journey from the Airport, we paid for our own transport last year and it was worth every penny, cut down the travelling time by about 1 hour 15 mins.
  • Anyone been to lorymar Resort in turunc? and if so which is the easiest airport to fly into?
  • You would fly to Dalaman Airport and then the transfer is about 4 hours, the jouney from Marmaris is Turunc is spectacular, especailly if it is daylight, if you need to arrange you own transport I can let you have an email address of the company in Turunc that we use. Enjoy Turunc is's beautiful
  • The last poster has got it wrong, the transfer is not 4 hours. If you have a private transfer it is 2 hours at the most, depending on the driver you have. It will take longer if you have a transfer organised by a tour operator as you may have to change from a large coach to a minibus, as the big coaches don't go over the mountain from Marmaris to Turunc , but not as long as 4 hours. If you can afford it, its definitely worth having a private transfer, cost is about £90 return for up to 4 people.
  • Hi, me and my boyfriend are going to Turunc in 6 weeks and staying at Hotel Turunc. It looks beautiful and we cant wait. Just wanting some clarity on the transfer...we have a 'shuttle' transfer from Dalaman through the holiday company. Any ideas on how long it will take? and if anybody has used the shuttle transfer, is it ok? Thanks :)
  • Hi, i have been to the Zeybec with Jewel in the Crown for the last 2 years, and am going back again at the end of the month. The Zeybec is in the perfect location, right on the sea front, in the centre of the bay. Last year the municipality started charging for sunbeds on the beach, but the Zeybec paid for the ones in front of the hotel, and hotel guests were able to use them for free. I don't know if they will still do that this year.

    As for the transfer, as I travel on my own, i use the holiday company's transfer as to book a private transfer would be quite expensive (see the rates on the JM travel website) However, the tranfers were not too bad. The first time we went in a large bus to Marmaris, with a 15 min break for toilet and refreshments, then transferred to minibuses for the last leg. - total travel time about 2 and a half hours. The second time we were in a minibus the whole way, so apart from drop off of guests in Marmaris it was a straight run through. However, in case you do not have a strong bladder, I recommend that you go to the looe before boarding the bus! I was ok, but my driver didn't speak much English and I wouldn't have relished having to ask him to stop for a comfort break!

    I am sure you will enjoy your stay in turunc.
  • Hi all, Myself and my girlfriend are going to Turunc in 4 weeks ( end of june ) we are staying in the ozcan hotel , iv heard bad reviews about it, ANY INFO?

    Also if it is that bad, what is the going rate for food out there? We are looking for a relaxing holiday together and heard Turunc was amazing so booked it but im abit worried we got the worst hotel in the area!!!

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  • turunc is one of the loveliest places ive ever been to. We've just come back (10th june) and we're already planning to go back. We stayed in my meric and read some awful reviews but we were pleasantly surprised. The rooms were spotless clean and the staff were helpful. The food wasn't great and the lifts broke down a lot, which isn't great when you're on the 10th floor, but for the money we paid i would stay there again and use it as a base. We ate out most days and to be honest it's not much different to prices here. The snack bars are the cheapest and good value for money. For a taste of english theres friar tucks, its just like a chippy at home. If you want a late night the walk inn bar stays open til 4am but mostly the nightlife is about eating, drinking and chilling out. The people are absolutely fantastic with a good sense of humour and warm hearts. Dont book trips through hotel reps go down to the harbour, its more personal and gives you a virtual tour round the place. Dont worry too much about the hotel, its just somewhere to sleep because turunc is so lovely you wont want to be in the hotel any way. It's sleepy and relaxing and just perfect.ENJOY!!!
  • hi i am going to Turnuc in turkey, with my three girls all under 10 and m-i-law and hubbi. Please help i have read sum very very bad reveiw on the hotel we are stayin 'My Meric Hotel'. And is there a sandy beach near by, most pepole are sayin it is very very peppely and my girls love the sand. The holiday rep said the transferes are only 1hour and 20 mins.
    On 1 reveiw it said the journey to Turnc is very scary mountain. I am so scared of mice and rats has anyone seen any there juss want to have a chill free holiday with my family. THANKS TO EVER REPLIES.............
  • Hi, we are going to the turuc hotel in september, ican not find their web site , can someone who has been please tell me if they supply beach/pool towels thanks John.
  • Hi John. I stayed In the Turunc Hotel in June and had no problems, it was perefct in every way. No there are no towels provided for the beach, but towels are changed daily for you room. There are cushions for the sun loungers which are clean and comfortable. You will love every single part of the hotel, and the surrounding area. Have a great time
  • HI - im staying at the Gozdem 1 apts - anyone been there b4 ? has it got wifi ? Seen photos etc on youtube & it looks lovely
  • Why is this thread NOT in the Turkey forum?!!!!
  • Hi Tina
    May be an idea to start a new thread in the Turkey forum as this thread was originally started in 2010. You'd possibly get more replies. Sorry I can't help as have never stayed at these apartments :o)
    However here is their website and there is a contact us page
  • Are bathroom towells provided in the My Meric Hotel?
  • Turunc is spectacular, I'd recommend it to anyone. However one very strong warning : if you Are thinking of staying at the Meril Hotel be very sure to check every single purchase made in the hotel as every couple staying there at the same time as us suffered multiple ' mistakes' in the financial transactions. You have been warned!
  • I'd say check everything at any hotel!! The other option is to insist on paying as you go. There are several reasons for this:
    Misunderstanding of room number
    Other less honest people giving other numbers
    Genuine human error
    and staff trying to make a little (or a lot) extra.

    As a rule be very wary of 'put it on my room' - I've been caught a few times and managed to argue my way out. Mainly as I managed to drag in the person I had actually paid at the time.
  • Is travellers insurance mandatory to get a visa on arrival?
  • yes. A visa is very useful in any places. Just to avoid any questions regarding to your travels.
  • Leevai,

    Its "Travellers Insurance" I was more interested in, rather than the visa.
    For eg, if I apply for a schengen visa, i have to have evidence of travellers insurance which is an additional expense of £30.
    Is it necessary for a visa on arrival?
  • Whether needed for a visa or not you need travel insurance when travelling. There are many internet comnpanies offering good but reasonable insurance - check out insure and go.

    For example you may fall ill or have an accident. No-one can predict what will happen. part from hospital and medical costs there may also be the tremendous cost of getting yo back home by air ambulance or similar.

    Not worth travelling without it.
  • I am going to Turunc this September. Judging by the comments it seems a great place. I am looking for information on Scuba Diving in the area. Not beginner try dives, but for more experienced and also if it is possible to hire kayaks and/or small boats. Hope someone can help


  • I am going to Turunc this September. I am looking for information on Scuba Diving in the area. Not beginner try dives, but for more experienced and also if it is possible to hire kayaks and/or small boats.


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