Barcelona over Easter weekend
  • Can anyone tell me if Barcelona is a good city to travel to over Easter Weekend? Is the city filled with fiestas and festivals or does everyone leave the city and head to the resorts and their families? I need to find a place suitable for a week-long break over Easter and a friend suggested Barcelona, can anyone advise please? Are there many activities on offer in Barcelona or will the city be shut down, and do all the shops and museums close over Easter weekend or will they stay open?
  • Hi, Suzie! Surely Barcelona is a great city to travel to for the Easter Weekend. You can undertake different activities during these holidays. Tell me what kind of places do you want to visit there?
  • Hi, Suzie! I was in Barcelona a few months ago and I must assure you that this is the most beautiful and fascinating city I ever have been in.
    I'm sure you will be amazed!!! Barcelona is really enchantress!!!
  • Barcelona' a great place to visit any time of year! Since Easter falls in April this year, it'll coincide with St. George's day on April 23rd. Have a look at the Word Travels guide to Barcelona to get a feel of what it's all about. It might get busy, around Las Ramblas especially, but you'll have a blast! There is also this guide to Barcelona written by expats living there...

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