Swiss holiday: train travel
  • I'm going on a swiss holiday in September. My plan is to visit about 7 cities in 10 days, is it better to buy the Eurail pass or buy individual tickets? Are there other ways to get around in Switzerland without hiring a car?
  • Have a look at the swiss pass - it is better for switzerland as is includes all the buses, trains and steamers on the lakes.

  • im going to switzerland next week and want to know the must see sights?
    can anyone help?
  • Underdog - check out our award-winning guide to Switzerland here:
  • Get a Swiss Rail pass. It'll be a lot easier on your pocket and get you around with more convenience. Parking can sometimes be a nightmare.
    Then I'd definitely spend time in Berne. There's no shortage of things to do and they have accommodation ranging from backpacker's lodges to luxury hotels. It's a great base to use to tour the region and see the Alps.
    Don't know if you'll make the seven cities, but good luck trying!

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