Do i need visa for jordan and egypt for 4 days tour?
  • I am a Philippines passport holder presently residing now in Israel, i like to join the 4days group tour in Jordan and Egypt i need to apply for visa in Jordan and for Egypt??
  • yes, you need to apply the visa in the Filipino embassy before your arrival in Egypt.
  • Hello there,

    I'm an EU national travelling from London to Kampala, through Cairo. I have quite a few hours to spend in Cairo, do I need to apply for visa beforehand or is it possible to buy visa upon arrival, for $15? Does that apply to EU countries as well as UK or America?

    Thank you!!
  • am a guinean citizen. do i need a visa to travel to syria and Jordan
  • I went on a tourist trip Jordan was a wonderful trip I have enjoyed very much and prices were wonderful I am also this is the mailing address @

  • I am Citizen of Montenegro do I need visa for 3-days trip to Jordan?
  • hello From Jordan,

    yes everyody from this page he should to have visa to jordan, otherwise if they/you are minimum 5 adult pax, e can make the visa from our side.
  • hi im a filipino and came to dubai as tourist visa for vacation. i want to visit also un egypt and jordan and israel for 10days. can i get a egyptian visa in dubai?

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