Beach cottage in Thailand... best beach?
  • I'm travelling to Thailand with friends at the end of the year, and we want to stay in one of those cheap beach bungalows. Can anyone recommend a good place to stay? It would be good if there was some nightlife, but we want to relax as well.
  • I would probably say Ko Phi Phi (beach bungalows galore!) and great nightlife. If you get a little longtail boat to Longboat beach on Phi Phi, it is a much more relaxed island atmosphere (the main island is a bit crazy!) but you can still travel back to the main island really easily in the evenings. Also Railay Bay (accessible from Krabi) is much more chilled, with low key nightlife and one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. It also has some great beach bungalows. A little bit more expensive, but worth it!

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