climate in St. Petersburg, Russia on April 2011
  • Hi. This April 14, 2011, we're going to St. Petersburg, Russia. Just want to know the weather and temperature range during above month and how to possibly go to London or other nice places to go near it.
  • Which airline, Swissair or Lufthansa is better carrier to St. Petersburg, Russia?
  • In mid April the temperature could be between 30-45 F, but better check for St. Petersburg, Russia with the ten days forecast.
    Any airline that gives you a reasonable price is ok. There are no direct flights from USA to St.-Petersburg, so you have to transfer in Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Helsinki, or London. If you are planning to stop in London use British Airways.
  • I would recommend BMI...A bit cheaper than BA.
  • Does BMI fly to Russia? Where ST Petersburg?
  • BMI certainly flies to Moscow:)
    Not sure about St. Peterburg..

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