Visa to Puerto Rico
  • We are going on a boat cruise leaving from San Juan. We will be going to Atlanta and Orlando first and will have a USA visa. Do we need a visa for Peurto Rico? Please could you let us know. Thank you
  • Do we need a visa for Peurto Rico if we leave from San Juan on a boat cruise. We will have a USA visa as we are going to Atlanta and Orlando first.
  • I am a PR from canada holding China passport, can I travel to San Juan in order to broad on a cruseship?
  • You just need a US Visa if you are a foreign national. In other words, if you are legally in the US, then a Mainland US to PR is considered a domestic flight.
  • Yes you need a US visa if you are not a US national.
  • Definitely, you need an a US visa...

  • Hmm you should have a US visa. if your not a US citizen then you must have one.

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