Will I have many problems in Tunisia if the only language I speak is English?
  • I want to go to Tunisia this year maybe in July and i was wondering if anybody can tell me about the languages spoken there and if there are many people there who speak english if I need help with directions ect. in particular I will be in the city Monastir. Thanks
  • Arabic, French and Italian, to some extent, is spoken in Tunisia. However, near the main resorts, you'll find plenty of people who understand and speak, at least, some English.
  • Lisa - in Monastir you will have no problems speaking only English, but my advice is to try and learn a few words of Arabic as it is very much appreciated. Here in Tunisia we mix Arabic with French and we have words that are used only here and sometimes in Libya. A good site to get some basic phrases is: www.tunisia.com they have a section on Language and some good posts.

    I hope you enjoy Tunisia - I love it!!
  • Im going to Sousse in 8 weeks, my French is terrible - so it looks like the old phrase book will come in handy. Thanks for the link Lesley I will have a look now!
  • Neal enjoy your visit to Sousse but have a look around while you are there. Wonderful beaches along the coast and Monastir is lovely.
  • I will be traveling to Tunis In July and cant wait! But I hear that the electric sockets are different than the ones In the US and need to know how i will be able to use my hair dryer and other electric accessories for my grooming needs? Thank you!
  • phillygirl - we have European 2 pin plugs here (sometimes the English 3 pin) so get and adaptor for your appliances. they are easily sourced at travel stores and the airports. Also you should check the voltage - here we operate on 220 v
  • Hi, my husband and I are planning to drive to the southern part by ourselves with a GPS. English is the only language we understand, however, we've driven many parts of the world already. Will we have much problem driving in Tunisa, from Sousse to Kairouan, El Jam, Ksar Ouled Soltane, and finally Ksar Ghilance (via Gabes, Matmata, and the dotted line to Ksar Ghilance)? I think we can do a crash course and learn a few simple phrases in French and Arabic, will that be enough for going to the south by ourselves?

    Thanks very much in advance.
  • Pochacco

    GPS is only very new in Tunisia and I am not sure if it's going to get you around, however, most sites are signposted in English as well so you should have no problems. All you need is a good road map and a few phrases, but you have to understand the answer!! LOL!! I'm sure you will be fine but just allow yourselves plenty of time. Even though it looks like places are not too far away believe me it will take you quite some time to drive to them. We don't have many freeways and the roads are always congested.

    But I am sure you are going to love your adventure
  • Hi Lesley,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Another question, are there any daily direct flights to either Paris or Rome from central Tunisia (either from Sousse area or Sfax)?

  • Pochacco - I'm not sure about the flights. the newest airport is in Enfidha which is well placed to Sousse. You should do a search on the net but most of the airlines such as Alitalia, Air France, BA fly out of Tunis.

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