Indian grocery shop in victoria island and lagos
  • I am moving on employmnet to lagos, nigeria within two days. I will be working there for next two years.

    Is it possible for me to find indian grocery shop in lagos or victoria island.
  • Did you find any Indian store here, my friend. I am also in Lagos and want to get to one...!!!

    My mai id is : Please let me know.
  • there are two supermarkets in Victoria Island,Lagos and both are owned by Indians,if you want good indian items then the best place to visit is Emjays supermarket locared at VI,and if you are looking for a grand shopping mall then please do visit Park N Shop.
  • jm said:

    ''there are two supermarkets in Victoria Island,Lagos and both are owned by Indians''

    What a load of rubbish. Victoria Island is a city in its own right and there are HUNDREDS of supermarkets there. Indians own only a very few of them. Most are Nigerian owned.
  • hi.i m a new comer in lagos, nigeria.i like to take battle leaf(paan, it is a very importance puja item) after lunch or sinner. can u pls imform me that, is it available in lagos indian shop??i was searching some shop.i didn't find.plss help.
  • my husband getting offer from the la cassera plc company part of jotna group which is in lagos. how is lagos? is there indian cmmunity?
  • I am Indian.please give me travel guide for lagos.

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