Tunisia Crisis
  • we are going to mahidia on the 14th june will it be hot then also some people have said its not to safe to go out at night we are staying at the iberostar royal el mansour have you had any feed back about this hotel ty xx
  • It is hot in June everywhere in Tunisia so you have picked a great spot in Mahdia. It has gorgeous sandy beaches which are not overly crowded.
  • Ditto I forgot to answer all your question.......It is safe all day and night in Tunisia so don't worry! Go out and enjoy the balmy evenings and explore this ancient city at sunset, it's beautiful. Your hotel is part of a large chain of resort hotels operating throughout Tunisia and have a fairly good reputation,.

    Enjoy your vacation with us
  • Hello I am going to port el kantaoui in april stayin in a riu hotel im just worried that it might not be safe im travelling with my husband and 15 month old son and im a bit concerned with all the trouble in the past, is this a safe place to visit?
    Thank you.
  • Hi lesley. Im going tunisia skanes in a few days with my boyfriend looking to stay at hotel as we going to relax around pool and on beach. Is it safe there? I keep trying to find reviews what the area is like ect but I cant find no up to date ones only from a few years back. Any help and information will be great.
    thank you chev
  • Guest......certainly it is safe everywhere. Kantaoui is a pupose built tourist area. It is safe day and night. We dont have any problems here and the only big thing happening soon will be our elections. So come and enjoy yourselves, Tunisia is beautiful
  • Hi Chev, you dont find reviews because there is nothing bad to say! Skanes is calm a d quiet. There are no problems here. It is safe and probably safer than many other countries, no extremism so dont worry, come and enjoy yourselves.

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