Going to australia with a criminal rercord
  • i assaulted my wife a few years ago and went to jail for 14 months. can i still get into australia for a holiday because i heard that airport security is really strict there?
  • what did you assault her with?
  • just a frypan. nothing to bad. that bitch was asking for it anyway
  • it would depend on where youre going. a rough place like collingwood or victoria in general you would probably be allowed to get in but most other places then no
  • my boyfriend was in autralia 4 3 wks on a 1 year hoilday visa nd he came hme nd didnt go bak is he eligable 2 go again??
  • You are required when entering tto state on the Customs Dec if you have been convicted of a crime. Customs will decide and you may be turned back at the airport
  • The official Australian Immigration site says: "In determining whether to grant a visa to an applicant, or to allow a passenger arriving at an air or seaport to enter, the immigration officer considers each case on its merits – there is no blanket policy of refusal or acceptance.

    As part of this process, immigration officers take into account any adverse MAL record - the number of convictions recorded, the length of sentence served, the level of violence (if any) and when the offence was committed - and balances this against the person's reason for travelling to Australia."
  • You may be permitted entry despite your conviction for assaulting your wife with a frying pan but you will not be permitted to enter any kitchens or allowed to use any cooking untensils (partucularly pans) during your stay.
    You must have hit your poor wife pretty hard to cop for 14 months imprisonment! and I'm not sure Australia needs any more criminals, esspecially your type
  • Yeah we have enough wife beaters and assults in this country as it is. and to say the bitch deserved it, we really dont need that attitude.. Sorry but we are trying to not allow our beautiful country to end up like alot of other countries in the world.. Besides last time i checked population stats here, it said that our country is currently full. Sorry.

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