Do i need visa to travel from Amsterdam to London?
  • I am an Indian currently residing in Netherlands on dependent visa of TYPE D /shengen visa. I wish to visit my sister in UK. So I have following questions:
    (1) Do I need visa if I am travelling by train? Which kind of visa will it be?
    (2) If yes, how to get it in a week's time?
    (3) I need an address or contact number of authorized company in Amsterdam who can help me out get one.
    (4) What are the costs involved?
    (5) What is the best option to travel to UK from Netherlands?
  • Hi Megha

    Unfortunately you will need a visa as Uk is not a part from the Shengen countries :) You may check here

  • Of course you need a visa.
  • Unfortunately yes, you will need a Visa.

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