Iceland travels are safe and great fun for nature lovers
  • I have been 3 times last year in Iceland and have become a great fan of this unbeatable nature..despite the volcano or because of this great nature event. Great trips are made by the poeple of . They also tailor make the tours and activities if wanted
    Is someone wants to see pictures of how it was to visit the volcano after the eruption?
  • While I can't vouch for the tour company listed above [sounds like it may have been posted by someone from the company] Iceland is a great country. Here's a link to a fantastic video made by Inspired by Iceland.
  • mmhh? Yes but nice link, what made you find this one?
    By the way I plan to hike Hvannadalsnjukur (or similar), Icelands highest peak with 2119 m maybe this summer. Have started training... can also tell you that company if you want ;-) who are running thos hikes.
  • If i want to travel and hike myself,where is the best place for info seriously.TIA
  • well I have been trekking the ´Laugavegur hike from the mountains of Landmannalaugar to the Valley of Thorsmörk. this is moderate but daily another landscape. it was 5 nights in huts and you can do it if you are normal physical fit. hiking sticks do help going up and down hill and passing the rivers in the valley, but not absolutely mandatory.
    also a great hiking area is in Kerlingarfjoll which is a geothermal mountain range on the highland road between the geysir and north of Iceland. there you should stay min. 1 night in the huts but better 2 or 3 nights. here the mountains go steeper up and down and hot springs are in between, faboulos scenery. check
  • Thanks bhh,i'm just starting to plan,i'm med fit,for really steep walks.I have my leki's lol,I can't do huts,too many bugs.And i've never camped outside before,so i may need to stick to med hikes.I'm sure i could climb really steep mountains,but i may not get back down on my own,i'm better going up,then coming down.
  • The huts look okay,its on my list.
  • I have a million questions,and really need a lot more help.Sorry where is best place to find answers to my questions.Or do i have to hire a guide,which i don't want to do,as no one really answers my questionsTIA.
  • there are a lot of good websites to ceck. real hikes you can find with the with whom i will do the hike to the highest peal. the huts by the way are fine. no wild small animals crawlling

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