Visa for Oman
  • Hi all! I am planning to travel to Oman at the end of the year.
    I've few Israeli visas on my passport, can someone tell me if I will be allowed to enter in Oman?
    Thank you!!
  • Coming to Oman shouldnt be a'sone of the few Arab countries that has decent relations with Israel...they even have a joint-effort desalination plant here. Ive heard of people getting questioned trying to enter Israel from here, but not entering Oman. Enjoy your trip...a beautiful country. :)
  • Yes, it's a beautiful country!
  • hi, i just want to a philippina wants to visit oman, what are the requirements needed on how to get there? or do in need a tourist visa to visit there?
  • I heard its a beautiful country, i want to visit there and finally have a work there..I want to work there as receptionist or front desk what the the best hotels to work there in Oman? :)

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