Cost of living in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach
  • I'm going on my holidays in August with my family, to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria and i was wondering if there are any Mc Donalds or places like that to eat for the kids? On average how much are the pints in euros and also can you use euros over there. Is there any interesting sight seeing tours? Is there much shops for 8 year old kids and clothes markets?
  • Yes there are two Mc D's also a KFC but the kids will have plenty to choose from with the pizzas hot dogs , chicken kebabs and pancakes. With regards to beer the prices vary depending on where you go but last year you could find plenty of places serving beer at 1 lev for a big beer That is about 0.5 euro. A visit to Nessebar is a must but dont book it as a tour just get on the bus in the centre it is so much cheaper and its only 10 mins away. Make sure to take lots of money for the clothes markets you will be spoilt for choice. Have a great holiday - cost of living in Bulgaria is generally cheap.
  • hi i am going to the hotel flamingo in june ,has anyone been there and what is it like thanks
  • Just returned from Sunny Beach ( Aug 14/21 2009) This was our second visit . The beaches are very nice but they are a bit pricey 21lv. for 2 chairs and one umbrella. We did not receive a receipt for this and was approached later in the evening by another " beach attendant" - so beware. It can be very noisy and crowded along the strip ( behind all the hotels and just before the beach) There is a constant stream of these two wheeled carts been driven up and down which l think can be very dangerous for the more mature holiday maker. A trip to Nessebar is worth it, but again very commercialised. The local bus on the main street goes there every 12 minutes for 1 lv each - it stops at all the bus stops and is very good value. Also an air conditioned coach will take you from the bus office into Bourgas for 5 lv, again very good value. There are many restaurants in Sunny Beach , some very good and reasonable and some not so good. Friends seem to be very popular with young and old. When returning to Bourgas airport make sure you take your own sandwiches etc. if you have a wait for your flight as it is a pure rip off there. Enjoy the holiday
  • my husband and i are looking to holiday in sunny beach in the last week of september 2011. can anyone please tell me what the weather is usually like at this time of year and is it a relatively cheap place to holiday?
  • We have been in September and it is still hot but does get a bit damp in the evening and brings the mossis out so you need to take a woolie for the evening we love bulgaria so cheap and clean and friendly
  • iam in bulgaria now the only thing i find cheap is the food cloths are the same price as uk, beer is cheap, if you go to neesebar ask for the price first or you might get ripped off. i paid 4 pound for 2cokes it only happened once like most holiday resorts the taxis try to rip you off the say that neesebar is the richest place in bulgaria i believe it, when you see the big mercs bmws audis there not skint
  • hi went to sunny beach last june going back this september nobody seems to have mensioned the crime and the peddlars on the street the mercs bmws and audis are owned by the gangs that run the resort so be careful out there ive seen tourists picked up by security if you dont pay their fines they had you over to the police one guy in our hotel had sneaked behind a building on the beach for a quick toilet the securiy gaurds who patrol the beach front picked him up and demanded 50 lev he knocked them down to 20 before they let him go toilets in the pubs clubs and resturants has a charge even if you are eating or drinking in the premise a woman mormaly with a baby sits at the door guilt trip so you put money into their dish the peddlars on the street are the worst fruit sellers kids with puppys groups dont accept free fruit one bite and youve bought a bagful dont change any currency at the seaside booths only use exchanges in the hotel or at the banks best one at the top of flower street stay safe it is a great place to holiday we found it better than any of the spanish resorts you will enjoy
  • You guys better go to Tampa or Miami on September.
    I'm a Bulgarian, but I'm leaving in the States the last 15 years. For all this time I never went back for vacation to Bulgaria.
    One might think that the airfare from Europe to the States is expensive but if you search hard enough you will find affordable price. And the weather in Florida is gorgeous in the fall. Much milder than in Europe.
    Folks go to Florida. You are not going to regret it.
  • We have just returned from Sunny Beach on 13th June 11 and had a fantastic time. Temperatures varied between 23 and 30 deg C but thankfully our room had Aircon. We stayed in the Majestic Hotel which is at the far end of the strip. It is by far the jewel in the sunny beach crown, 2 large pools, one kiddy pool and a stones throw from the beach. The hotel was always immaculately clean and the majority of staff spoke broken English, most of those on hols appeared to be German. We stayed half board and the food was good but by the end of the week became repetitive, nevertheless there was a good choice from the selfservice hot plate. Drinks in the hotel were 3.50lev lager, 8.0lev cocktails, 3.50lev soft drinks you should also be prepared to tip the waitress who brings your drinks to your table as this is customary and they are payed relatively poorly. It is quieter up this end of the strip and you should have a very peaceful nights sleep. If its an option you should definitely pay for the sea view, I would happily spend hours just staring into oblivion.
    Food up and down the strip is generally the same price, Chicken Kebab 6lev, Lager 2.50lev, Pizza slice 4lev, Burger 5lev, Ice cream 1lev, Chips 4lev, Cocktails 8lev, Soft drinks 2.50lev. The strip as previously reported resembles a hot blackpool with the usual tat that you would expect, you can even pick up a football shirt for 15lev? All the bar owners are very friendly and expect to be accosted as they attempt to direct you into their premises as you pass. Their is even a Coyote Ugly bar although I never had the pleasure of visiting it when I was there. There are numerous toilets along the way which you must pay to use even if you have just eaten in the restaurant they belong to. This costs about .50 to 1 lev and the money goes to the cleaner sitting at the door. We would heartily recommend a visit to DJannys which is up near the flea market about 5 mins walk from the strip. The food was great, and only 1.50lev a beer, 3 large pizzas, 2 cokes and 2 lagers only cost 28lev that about £13 !! There are also several Aquaparks with free transport laid on. These were great for both adult and children with something to please all..... they rivalled the ones in Florida !!!
    If you get on the number 1 or 8 bus you pay one lev each and stay on the bus until you choose to get off..this was the way to travel in my opinion as the services were very reliable and ran every 15 minutes, the equivalent taxi journey would cost 20 to 30lev.
    My only dissappointment was the false reviews I had previously read about the cost of living, such as only 1lev a beer and that you couldn't possibly spend your money....believe me we did, easily...I hope this helps someone attempting to budget for an upcoming trip and enjoy......its beautiful.
  • Great feedback, thanks Costa Pakit!
  • Thanks Costa pakit, most useful review I have read so far. My wife and I are taking our 4kids in a couple of weeks so cost of living is an issue! I'm also looking for info on trips from sunny beach.
  • Hey, I am from Bulgaria and I would just like to say that it's no lie that beer in Bulgaria is 1 lv. It's just that Sunny Beach is very, very expensive, 2 or 3 times more expensive than the rest of the country. I highly recommend better places than Sunny Beach - Albena, Sozopol, Kiten, some villages. They are cheaper and not so artificial, Sunny beach only rips you off and you cannot see so much nature there. Well, it largely depends on what you are looking for but other towns also offer good night clubs and other places for fun so don't miss them.
  • Hi, Just to let you know that if you stay at one of the commercial resorts i.e. Sunny Beach or Golden Sands you will pay higher prices than if you rent a villa in a village near the sea. There are many little coves and beaches to explore away from the crowds. Also the food and drinks can cost as little as £5 p.p for a 3 course meal and wine, and it is a lot nicer than the big hotels churning out all their fast food. We own a Villa with pool in a lovely village idyllic, and near a lovely little unspoilt cove. You do need to hire a car if you want to get around and get a feel for the real Bulgaria. All our guests have recommended it!
  • Which is the quietest area to stay with a family; I mean quiet of an evening between Albena, Sozopol or Kiten? Thanks,
  • Tthe user called JB: could you send me an offer of your villa, i am interested in 2 doublerooms, 4persons (may be 6), starting from the 21st fo aUGUST TILL 28/29. PELASE , ALSO LET ME KNOW WHERE THE place can be found (email me to the following adress
  • Hello does anyone know a cheap airline that flies from london to varna airport please
  • we are going to sunny beach early september unfortunatly i think we have chose a spot that is very noisy, any way we intend to visit the aqua parks (if its hot enough) who can recomend a good one and how do we get there bus,taxi thanks ive taken a note of some good places to eat. and it appears nessebar is worth a visit we can get there by bus ? do they run 24/7 ? any other places worth a visit. thanks
  • what airline did you book with?
  • i am off to bulgaria soon whats worth a visit? and what about nightlife im in my 50s remember so not in to clubbing,im also a vegitarian whats good to eat. thanks
  • I am going on tour with my rugby club, what is the current price of beer? do the women have fun? can we buy our way out of a prison cell? all responses appreciated..
    Angry Duck
  • I have just booked my holiday for next year (2012) at Golden Sands, Hotel Arabella. Is it that nice a area. People have told me it is quite cheap there, is that true. By any chance is their a place near Golden Sands that you can swim with Dolphons?

    I would be grateful for any advice and tips as this is my first trip to Bulgaria.


  • hi going to sunny beach bulgaria aug 2012 does anyone know what the glarias
    hotel is like and a good place to eat and drink.chears
  • Hi, we are looking at going to Bulgaria next year, end of August beginning of September. We have 2 children. Aged 8 & 12 and was wondering of the best hotel/area to go with children. We would like somewhere that had entertainment on in the evening but easily to get away from if we don't fancy it. Any advice would be appreciated
  • Hi, im going to sunny beach in August 2012 with my family, we are staying at the Sunny Day Hotel does anyone heve any info i.e a nice place to stay etc.
  • Were looking to go to the Glarus hotel too, read lots of reviews and it seems to be a good hotel to go to. Anyone with any more info on good hotels theyve stayed in please could you let me know.
    Thanks x
  • Hello kellym,
    The prices are not extremely cheap but they are cheaper compearing to famous Western European resorsts and cities. Sunny Beach is the most popular but not the best resort but it is ideal for young people who want to have fun cause it's full of restaurants,bars and hotels. Anyway if you want to know a little more about Bulgaria you could have some trips to Nessebar. I'd recommend visiting Costa Rica with all its beautiful beaches, rainforests, and volcanos. Tamarindo, Costa Rica is almost guaranteed to be sunny and the chance of rain is almost zero. You can do a ton of things in Costa Rica with you and your family.

  • My sister has been there and told me that she was able to use euros. Watch out for the local stores where sometimes they say they don't have change in euro so they keep the difference. Have a great time
  • Hi all just simple questions hope get gd feed bk we r goin 25 June 2012 1 week all inclusive me the wife an 12 an 14 old kids just wana no wot u ppl wud recommend to take as spending money wife wud prob like a wee days shopping me an wee lad wud like some watersports . Wud b helpful some feed bk pls . Also is there more than 1 waterpark thanks
  • We are going there in sept in 2012 were stay at the sunny day hotel dose any one no what it like and are the price there that hight for food and drink
  • Hello,

    If you stay in a big resort like Golden Sands or Sunny Beach there is more expensive than in the cities - Varna, Bourgas so if you want to buy cheap things like a beer for 1 lv. you have to buy more from some cheap markets. May be in the resorts there are some good shops too. It's much cheeper than your countries but ask me for some particular things for answer. You can eat good in a restaurant for 5-10 euros for person. BE CAREFUL with the taxi drivers and the CHANGE, ask your receptionists for the taxi companies and the change buros in the resort. Don't stay only at the beach and in the resort Bulgaria is so beautiful, ask for additional trips. If you have more questions I can answer you with peasure my skype is jordanmishev. I have been much time at the resorts so I know much.
  • Hi, I am going to Sunny Beach in June this year for the first time. Can anyone tell me what the duty free allowances are from there? I have heard several different stories. Can anyone shed any light please
  • Me and my family are staying in nessabar in July, we are going self catering. Anyone know how much money we will need for 2 weeks. We are not drinkers or smokers!
  • Brenda,

    Contact me. My skype is jordanmishev. I will answer your questions.
  • hi im taking my children to sunny beach in june also staying at the glarius can any1 tell if there is much to do for my boys aged 1 & 13 x
  • Hey I'm off to Sunny Beach next month on the 25th with 9 of my friends and we're all 18 and 17. Can anybody recommend cheap bars and resturants on the strip? Thanks :)
  • Hi there, me my partner and my daughter are going to sunny beach at the end of July.
    We've never been before so I was wondering if £1500 will be enough for 2 weeks.
    My daughter is 10 and she LOVES to spend my money so I'd hate to run out.
  • Hi davep

    We are a family of 3 with a 13 yr old daughter been going to Sunny Beach for about 6 years and lately we have budgeted for about £100 per day. We are self catering and don't make any meals, breakfasts or anything, we go out for all meals, we both drink and the daughter gets her treats, water park, clothes, usually holiday tat, sea side rides etc.

    Hope this helps

  • calvinny , hi my husband myself our son daughter inlaw and 2 children are going to the summer dreams self catering apartments in sunny beach we have been to bulgaria several times and found it beautiful,
    all the comments on here are what we ourself would of put,
    can anyone tell me what the summer dreams apartments are like as we havent been there,
    its true about the fruit sellers as we had about a handful of cherries and paid around 10lev we were gob smacked so to speak so bewere and also the children with the kittens begging for money most of the time while there parents looked on so take care, have a nice holiday to you all,
  • hi i agree with all comments on here about sunny beach it is however a beautiful country we have been there several times befor we are going again on 23 june with our son daughter inlaw and there children,
    we are staying in the summer dreams apartments does anyone no what they are like please let us no, and yes bewere of the fruit selleres as i paid 10 lev for a handful the year befor last also the children asking for money for there kittens while the parents looked on, have a lovely holiday,
  • Cheers cld (Claire)

    Do you budget £100 or 100 lev a day?
    We are going all inclusive so prob would be needing to much but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
    Also can you bring much duty free back?

    Thanks again for the quick response
  • Hi. I am going to royal bay Elenite on 11th June for 2 wks all inclusive with my partner, 3 kids aged 10, 7 and 18 months. Can anyone tell me what its like and is it cheap to eat out?

    Thanks :)
  • And roughly how much spendin I will need.

  • Hello, me and my friends are going to Bulgaria sunny beach in August. The name of our hotel is Hotel Diamond i am just wondering if any of you have stayed there? and if so what is it like? etc .. surroundings, nice places to eat out and nightclubs for around 18 - 25s. Thanks
  • hi all, am of to sunny beach 18th june, ive checked hotel on trip adviser, which is really the best site to look for feedback, also theres forams on there which could answer any questions you all have,, cheers have a good one ..Lin
  • HI, I'm off to Sunny Beach on 2nd July, just a bit confused about what currency they will accept there? I know the Lev is the national currency but I've been told that Euros are also accepted. I've already changed £120 worth into Euros, would you recommend I change some more into Lev? Also how trustworthy are the ATMs out there? Thanks....Rob
  • Hi I have just read through some of the more recent posts. Bulgaria is great we have been going for years and have an appartment at Sunny Beach . We are in out early 40's with a 10 year old girl. You can spend as much or as little as you want. The best currency is the lev. My parents are in Sunny Beach at the moment and are getting a better exchange rate out in Bulgaria so take you english pounds and change them in Bulgaria. We have always used well know hotels to change money it is much safer. We have used ATM's they are fine and you will find one at the top of the main strip. Be extra careful with your money, phones and valuables on the bus. You may think its safe in your bag or frot procket, but keep a grip of it they are fast and in particular love to pick pockets on the bus.( i cannot stress this one enough. ) For the youngs ones, night life is great, just keep safe and stay on the main crowds. I have friends who budget £100 per day for a family of three and they drink and go out every day for meals. Coats (north face) are very cheap- copies but great value . Any more questions and i will gladley help .
  • Dee Dee, can you please tell me what are the prices to get a beer on the beach, for example? Or a glass of wine at a restaurant?

    Also, how much does renting a sun bed for the day cost?

    I'm looking to go pretty low budget, so any tips on how to save some leva is welcomed. For half of my trip I will be self-catering (in one of those rented apartments), so what can you tell me about places where I can find food and stuff that I can cook myself?

    Many thanks
  • Hi I'm just back from sunny beach last week with a group of friends. I have been a few years previously with family and can now see how te resort is aimed at both clubbers and families!
    Weather was amazing and I spent under £300 in 1 week that's with eating out and drinking every night, water park, bar crawl and club entry fees included! For anyone looking for good clubs I would highly recommend Disco orange or Die party huite we found those two to be the busiest. Beach club playa on the strip is also nice at night time as they have hammocks, cushions and wigwams on the beach very chilled out! We didn't see any beggars but we were staying I'm quite a central location. Some others we met were staying out near the summer dreams apartments and said they'd been approached by a few who tried to stare straight into their eyes to make them feel sorry for them, but it was easy enough to just walk on by without any hassle! The sand on the beach from about 10.30am on wards we found to be unbearable to walk on so it's best to get there early and get lounges beside the sea, I think it was 8lev for 2 loungers reasonable compared to other resorts. We found that some of the waitresses appeared to be very rude but we soon realised this was just their manner over there and after that it was fine, they also seem to get offended if you don't finish your meal and are always asking if everything was ok even though you might just be full up! All in all a great visit and I would defininatley return for a 3rd visit!

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