Tunisia~ Safety for everyone?
  • I was planning on going to Tunisia however my friend was afraid of getting into trouble with religious issues since his passport states that he comes from Israel. (and the percentage of Jews in Tunisia is less than 1%...)
  • I am tunisian!!
    Trust me he won t face any trouble
  • Dion - you should have no problems entering Tunisia with Israel stamps in your passport. Go for it. Other arab countries will give you grief - see the following list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_passport#Countries_that_do_not_accept_Israeli_passports
  • Dion - your friend will have no problems. There is a small Jewish population that live on the island of Djerba and apart from having the oldest Synagogue in North Africa you will see in that area Jews and Arabs living together in peace and harmony. It is worth the visit as Djerba is a very beautiful place. If you want more ideas about tunisia give me an email

  • I want to start a ware house of rice in Tunisia. Is this safe from all aspects, security and all other things???
  • Bilal - are you Tunisian? do you live in Tunisia? There are many, many regulations for foreigners to have businesses here in Tunisia - first and foremost you need a Tunisian partner. Give me more details and I can put you in the right direction
  • Bram - I would fill a whole page with this!! The capital Tunis, the old city, Bardo museum, Carthage. Tataouine to see where Star Wars was filmed, Douz at the edge of the Sahara - spend the night in a Berbere camp. Tozeur an oasis town in the South. Dougga, fabulous Roman city. Sbeitla, also a Roman city. Sidi Bou Said on the hilltops looking out over the mediterannean, a white whashed city with beautiful houses and typical blue doors. Nabeul, seaside town on the coast with a cheap souk. the island of Djerba, relaxed and laid back but with wonderful places to eat. Tabarka on the north coast, wild and beautiful. Kairouan, the ancient Islamic capital. Should I go on? How long are you coming for? I could give you an itinerary for 6 months LOL!!
  • Hi Lesley, thank you, you have completely sold me on North Africa in the course of your many posts and replies. Your feedback and advice is wonderful and has helped many people get the most out of their trips. Would you be interested in writing a guide for us? If so please contact me on info@wordtravels.com.

    And is your company listed in our Tunisia/Morocco/Libya tour directory? I would be happy to give you a preferential listing there. Let me know. Thanks, David
  • Hi David - well seems my sales skills are working. North Africa is such a wonderful place to be and such a melting pot of cultures/history/geography. I consider myself privileged to live here. So when are you coming?? My email is coming and thank you very much.
  • Hi Lesley - apologies - please resend the email to me via david.fair@wordtravels.com
  • thanks David - was having trouble with the other address.

  • caca - I don't know to be totally honest. My guess is no, it will be calm by then. However, watch the news, look for updates and be guided by common sense. Look at travel warnings from your government. The situation here is still volatile for now but it is starting to quieten down and we look to our new government to fulfill all it says it will.
  • Hi Lesley,

    My husband and I are looking to book a holiday to Tunisia but we were just wondering if all of the turmoil from January has calmed down and it would be safe for us to visit.

    Many thanks
  • Jambo - tunisia has been through a revolution and all that goes with it. We are starting to progress through all the processes that come with transition from a despotic ruler to a democracy. This will naturally take time. Having said that however, Tunisia remains a safe country to visit, it is peaceful and calm now. Please come and visit us so that you can see for yourself what a wonderful country is my home!
  • I am considering a trip to Tunisia. I have a friend who lives there. I am concerned about safety because I am a single female traveler. Should I be worried about my safety or will it be fine as a single traveler to visit Tunisia and see all the beautiful sights of your country? I would certainly have my friend as my tour guide, but would otherwise be staying alone at the hotel.
  • Me and a friend want to come to Tunisia at the end of April to go to Skanes but we're worried about the political unrest in that part of the world. News pages say that there is still unrest in the capital, and now that the west have done an air strike on Libya and retalliation is threatened I'm not sure how safe we'd be... we really need an honest answer as our understanding of politics in african countries is limited.

    Thank you

  • Guest - if you have a friend here then you should be fine likewise you will be fine in the hotel by yourself, however, a lone female traveller be aware that you will be the centre of attention for all the male lotharios working at the hotel. Take it all with a grain of salt and you will be fine.
  • Katie, while Libya is our neighbour their revolution is not a threat to Tunisia although we have thousands of refugees and Libyans currently in Tunisia escaping the violence. Skanes is a very quiet area with not much to do to be honest and you will both be fine. Please use common sense, be aware of your personal safety at all times. Tourists and foreigners were never a target during our revolution and for the most part it is safe and calm. There are still some protests but these are rather for conditions of work and that sort of thing and are peaceful.

    I hope that you will enjoy your time in Tunisia
  • me and my girlfriend are planning a holiday to skanes in may but are worried about all the trouble at the minute can anyone help please e mail me any commets or on here gaz24583@hotmail.com
  • Gaz - you will see on various threads on this forum that I have reassured everyone that there is no trouble here now. there are isolated pockets of protests but these are for working conditions/rights etc and are in no way targetted at foreigners. Skanes is in a very quiet part of Tunisia, it is nowhere near Libya and is quite some distance from Tunis our capital. So please be assured that you will find it peaceful and calm and that you will enjoy your holiday here with us.
  • I taught in Tunisia in 1965. My students and my Tunisian friends were very tolerant and friendly with everyone. I have been back to Tunisia twice, the last time in June 2010. Tunisians in general are very tolerant of people of all religions. Visitors to Tunisia I believe are safer in Tunisa than are visitors to many places in USA. It is a good idea to watch your belongs of course. From my experience, there is no problem whatsover with being Christian, or Jewish, or western, or a tourist or a woman anywhere in Tunisia. I do believe it is wise to dress modestly, i.e. no shorts exc at beach and no skimpy clothes.
    US state department sites to visit include:
  • Eileenvideo - thank you so much for your comments. I'm glad that you've been back to Tune town and I hope you will visit us again soon.
  • lesley, i have a holiday booked for me and my girlfriend we are a gay couple and i am worried that there will be an intolerance to this, we just want a peacefull break and i dont want to cause any trouble could you offer me any advice on this? thank you
  • Hi m and welcome to Tunisia. There is a mild intolerance to gay couples here, remember this is an Islamic country albeit very liberal and tolerant. As long as you don't openly display affection in public areas it will be fine, although we girls here do walk hand in hand in the street. You will also see men with their arms linked or around one another. This we do with family members and our very good friends. I don't believe that you will cause any problems or that anyone will be unkind to your or your partner. Just remember to dress modestly not showing legs or chest when you are out of the hotel. I'm unsure how the hotel will be as I am quite sure that you will have single beds and it will be difficult for you to have a double. But if you can work around this then all will be fine.

    I hope that you will both enjoy your vacation here
  • thank you for that, we both dress modestly anyway so other than being by the pool we will be covered up. thank you for the advice we will keep thing pretty private :)
  • m - wishing you both a wonderful vacation here in beautiful Tunisie
  • Hi there I was looking to visit tunisia in july with my son and husband who is tunisian but believe the trouble has arisen again? What's the chances of this being all settled for the summer Time ?
  • Scotty - it really isn't that bad here to be honest and the media loves to beat it up!! there are still some protests happening in Tunis and in some of the south. Will depend on where you are going to be. If on the Sahel then you won't notice anything! The elections will be held on July 24th and the lead up will be crazy to this I think but then when we have a properly elected government in place it will be calm peaceful and so much better than before.
  • Hi Lesley, we are booked for Port El Kantaoui in June this year and a little apprehensive due to the advertised flare up in the trouble, we would be most grateful if you could elaborate on what the sahel is, we do understand how the media like to beef up their reports, many thanks for your continued support for us tourists, take care - Micker
  • Micker - the Sahel is the east coastal area of Tunisia. Don't be worried, I promise you that you are going to have a wonderful vacation and it will be safe and calm
  • Hi again Lesley, thank you so much for your speedy reply, it certainly put's our mind at rest and as I have seen in previous correspondence your knowledge is of huge advantage to us tourist's, this will be our first visit to Tunisia and we are now so looking forward to meeting the people and enjoying your Country, many thanks once again take care. Micker
  • Hallo Lesley, ich und mein Freuend m
  • Maria - I am sorry but I don't speak German. You can ask your question in either French or English and I shall reply
  • Can anyone tell me if it is safe to travel to Sousse in tunisia, as I have booked a holiday for my son and I in September.
  • cazmarie - yes it is safe in Sousse and the rest of Tunisia.
  • Thank you Lesley.
  • Hi, I'm taking my young family (7 & 4) to Thalassa Village resort in Skanes next June. Looking forward to going and seeing what Tunisia has to offer. We are going all inclusive, could you please advise me on currency & where to go to get the best Tunisian experience. Thank you Vicki
  • Vicki - first thing you need to know is it will be very, very hot!! So make sure you come prepared for this. the currency here is the Tunisia Dinar (TND). 1,000 millimes = TD1.000 the ex rates fluctuate but for the last little while GBP1 = TND2.000 it is cheap here for foreigners.

    Your children are quite young and I'm guessing you don't want to be trailing them around Roman ruins for days at a time. there is a lot to see and do here - can you be more specific so that I can point you in the right direction. Do you eg want to go to the desert etc? If you let me know what your likes and dislikes are I can try to help you

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