Marocco in Easter Week
  • I am going to Marocco for easter week, I am a woman and I am going but myself it is safe??? I want to go to Tanger and then finish in Marrakech any advance about transport, places to visit, food, hotels, should I rent a car or use public transportation...

  • Tanger does have some interesting sites but not really a place to be for more than two days. Marrakech is the place to be as there is so much to see and do and excursions to go on outside of the city. There are too many sites to write about here so perhaps get in touch and I will send to your e-mail; mine is
    I suppose most people would take the train from Tanger to Marra but this takes about 10 hours, best to get the overnight sleeper then you will not get so bored as nothing to do and little to see. Getting the train is something I would not do again.
    Driving is easy as is public transport but unless you speak Moroccan or French it may get difficult.

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