B T A money
  • I have a friend over in Nigeria. They are telling me that they can,t get on the plane without having the B T A money. Is that true . Thank you. Anf If so what is it.
  • hi e cook

    Traveling from Nigeria to other parts of the world particularly for a fist time traveling could be be difficult if the traveler do not have the basic Traveling allowance (BTA). This requirement can also be requested by the immigration of the destination country.

    The purpose is clearly for the traveler to show evidence of ability to financially support oneself during his/her intended stay abroad.
    If your friend is having this problem and you are their invitee, I will recommend that you send him/her a letter of Invitation stating your responsibility financially of their accommodation, feeding etc. This i believe will help as evidence of financial support.

    Hope this help

  • How do I know that writing a letter about this BTA money thing would be enough and if it is who do I send this letter to. Many thanks jollymags
  • The letter should be addressed to the person being invited. It will also contain the information of the sender. The only way to know will be to send it and also, it is an internationally accepted means of guarantee of your commitments.

    Hope it help

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