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    I am going on my 1st visit to Hungary in May and was wondering if anyone could tell me how difficult it is going to be to visit Budapest without knowing any of the Hungarian language, and also does anyone know what my chances are of getting any Hungarian paperwork transalated into English while we are there.
    Many thanks for your travel advice.
  • A group from my club have had a 5 days holiday few months ago in Budapest....i can say we manage yes with English language a bit.Most of the young ones understand English.What i can say is Budapest is a very nice and clean city...We had a great time.
  • Budapest is an enchanting city. I have been there 2Xs in the last month. I go with my friends and have no problem at all. I advise buying a one day Hop-on-Off ticket. This gives you a 2hr spin around the entire city. You can see where all the stops are and return to any place which look interesting. Make notes as you go around to get the names of the streets. It's impossible to pronounce anything, so show the names on paper to people to help with directions. Also, don't miss eating at The Spoon, on the waterfront. Excellent dining and perfect views of the castle in the evening. Summertime, roof top bar/dancing. Also, I recommend The Promenade City Hotel on Vaci ute 22. A moderately priced hotel on the pedestrian street, great breakfast, and very friendly. An easy walk to the incredible City Market. (don't miss it!)
  • Hi,
    Youngsters can do little english, the older generation less likely so - russian was what got rammed down their throats in school. have super time
    the spirit never dies
  • I will be traveling to Ukraine this summer in July but I have a stay over in Budapest for a night. Any suggestions as to where to stay over night and be able to get back to Airport for early morning flight.
  • Hello,

    I would like to introduce a famous restaurant in Budapest, Liszt Ferenc square 9. Caf
  • Actually, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Liszt Ferenc square's Caf
  • There are very many tourists in Budapest. In such places as restaurants, museums there is information in English. Many people speak English too.
    You may read a little about Hungarian cuisine and activities in Budapest on
  • Hi can you please tell me about the cost of the living in hungary
  • how much amount need to live in budapest for a month

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