Planning to spend Mother's Day in San Diego
  • I had planned to take my Mom on a vacation but somehow never got around to it. This year its finally happening! We are all set to go to San Diego for a long delayed family vacation. Why San Diego? I have read a lot about this city and the way it celebrates each event with a lot of fun and activities. Mom loves flowers and so I will take her to the San Diego Botanic Garden which i heard goes resplendent during this time. I have also planned a trip to Carlsbad as there is a lineup of great events here for the special weekend.I will be staying close to Carlsbad in a San Diego hotel, the California Suites Hotel which is located nearby. This budget hotel is also close to the Botanic Garden, which is great. Ahoy San Diego, here we come!
  • Umm... congratulations?

    If you do need any more info on things to do in San Diego, check out this San Diego Travel Guide.

    Hope you have fun!

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