Visa for Germany, Switzerland & austria
  • I want to go Germany, Switzerland & Austria on a 11 Days budget Tour. My questions are:-
    1) Is a single Shengen Visa valid to tour all three Countries as mentioned above?
    2) What is the best & cheapest way to go from Frankfurt-Zurich, Zurich-Vienna, Vienna-Frankfurt? I am travelling with my mother (71 yrs), wife (27 yrs) & son (2 yrs). It should nt be painful for saving money.
    3) What are the best travel agencies to cover Switzerland (Zurich & other cities for 5 nights 6 days), Vienna ( 2 nights 3 days) & Frankfurt (1 night 2 days) individually.
  • hi. I would recommend to get a Euro 3 country pass. but the constraint is its amount varies for the days validity.

    Also if in vienna do not miss a trip to Bratislava (40 min). 14Euro and the Danube river bank sight is beautiful. (dont estimate Bratislava with the station look)
  • im getting a schengen visa to go to germany .can i visit geneva on that ?
  • A Schengen visa is valid for the following countries:

    The Netherlands

    Switzerland does not participate in the Schengen programme, so you'll need a separate visa.
  • No.. Switzerland joined in shengan part since 2009
  • really love to travel and for this year I wanted to visit Europe. I wanted to see the beauty of Europe and each country which includes Italy. I wanted to taste delectable of every places, learn their cultures and learn their own history as well. For me, traveling is one of the privileges while leaving here in our earth and with the help of hard work, money and some payday loans, there are a lot to see and probably so much to travel. :)
  • Jag that's crap. You need a separate visa for Switzerland.

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