Things to see in Copenhagen
  • I am going to be in Copenhagen for a few days in June and want to find out recommended things to see there. My time is fairly short so I just want to see the main sights. Any suggestions?
  • The main sights in Copenhagen is The Little Mermaid, the Queens Palace (amalienborg), Nyhavn and Tivoli. In addition, I would recommend you visiting Christiania, which is a Freetown in the city that is mostly known for its open Canabis trade, but is also a fantastic place to look at art, eat organically and listen to live music.

    The city parts Vesterbro and N
  • Hi Lena, when I last visited Copenhagen 5 years ago the city authorities were talking about drastic changes to Christiana, including making the hippies pay rent, and closing down the cannabis shops etc. Has it changed at all ?
  • ok, I have found this page on things to see in Copenhagen. Check it out. There is also a section on things to do with Kids in Copenhagen.

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