Finland requires travel allowance?
  • NOTE: Passengers flying in to Finland without a valid Finish Passport
    are required to possess their travel allowance,which will be checked
    and refunded to them immediately,this is to reduce the cases of
    stranded travelers and illegal immigrants,passengers flying on visits
    are required to possess at least 500pounds,while those on business are
    required to have 1,000pounds.

    This being case for a person in UK that has a flight ticket but not 500 pounds and wasn't aware of the fact and of course worldtravels says also: Additionally, travellers to Finland must hold sufficient funds for their duration of stay in the country, a return or onward ticket, and the necessary travel documentation for their next destination.

    So this little fact is about crashing said person's visit plans seemingly, how can it go as high as such amounts? even flight was half of that... screwed by this little detail despite having flight ticket?

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