Passport Expiration Help for UK-Cyprus
  • Hi, I'm just looking for information about passport expiration from the UK to Cyprus.

    My girlfriend and I have booked to go on holiday to Cyprus at the start of July (in 3 weeks). Both of our passports are currently in date, although my girlfriends runs out on the 31st of July. I have spoken to the Cypriot Embassy and they have confirmed that it is okay as long as the passport is in date during the duration of the stay, which it is.

    Although I have since read that this does not apply if the passport is a Child's passport, as she got it when she was 15.

    Does she need an adults passport or is she okay to go with the Child's passport that runs out on the 31st of July?

  • Didn't mean to post this twice sorry! Any help would be greatly appreciated

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