Best time to go to Tunisia, weather in Tunisia in July and August
  • Hi - when is the best time to go to Tunisia, is it too hot in July and August?
  • Hi Ing - right now it is still coolish with cold nights. However, it is starting to get warmer and not too hot so a very good time to visit.

  • Temperatures ranging between 54°F and 82°F (12°C and 28°C). Springtime (March to May) brings displays of wild flowers throughout the countryside.
  • I am travelling to Tunisia in September on an Irsih passport. Do I need a visa ?
  • Irish nationals do not need a visa for Tunisia for a stay of up to 3 months. Depending on your dates of travel, Ramadan is from approximately 21/22 August to 22 September.

  • What's the best, and the cheepest way to get currency. What currency is getting the best exchange rate.
  • travelling to tunisia at the weekend with my husband and two small daughters. Firstly is it best to get currency here or to take out sterling cash and exchange when we get there? Is there a problem about bringing tunisian currency back to England? Any tips about travelling to tunisia with two little girls aged 8 & 3
  • Lyndalou - I'm not sure which weekend you mean, if it is just gone apologies and if it is this weekend then welcome! Sterling is fine - you can exchange at the banks but don't take it back with wants it and even if they do you will get a lousy exchange rate. Also don't think you can spend it in duty free on your way out - only foreign currency preferably euro accepted there. So spend up while you are here. Your two little girls will be treated as royal princesses - nothing to worry about and the weather is hot, hot, hot so beach and water and sandcastles is the way to go.

    I do hope you enjoy your stay............
  • Hi, me and my boyfriend are visiting tunisia in December i am just wondering what the weather is like in tunisia at this time of year
  • i went to tunisia in dec 2007 for 1 week it was very windy quite warm but chilly of an afternoon.make sure you take some warm clothes.
  • Laura - Tunis is still relatively mild in December, but becca is right - it can be windy and it does get quite cool in the evening.
  • Hi there,

    I am a solo Asian woman traveller planning to visit Tunisia in mid-Oct for 2 to 3 weeks and would like to seek some advice for the itinerary. Have been to Turkey, Middle East and visited Morocco before (just love the islamic architecture and the Sahara). A big fan of architecture, old towns and fishing ports, local craftmanship but not beaches/holiday resorts nor sunbathing. Is 3 weeks too much? Any advice which towns is a must and whihc can be skipped in order to avoid the tourist crowds yet not put myself into danger (I always follow the local dress codes when visiting Islamic countries)?

    As a solo woman travller, is it more wise to take the trains than the long distance buses? Are the trains on time?
  • hi solo, firstable u have not to flow dress codes when u visit tunisia exept when u wanna to visit a mosquee, but as u re respectufull u can respect the code , secondly train are at time in tunisia, the important thing that tunisia is a peacefull country and u will not find any problem or any danger, exept when u visit the Sahara u have to have a plan and be with a local guide....that s alll hope u that u will enjoy ur visit and have nice time between us and u re welcome .....
  • hi laura09, tunisia is in the north africa so close to europe so it must be influeted by the europe weather just in december, it s cold but u can enjoy ur self if u visit the sahara , tozeur,gafsa ,tatawin,douz, these places where the weather could be very cool and hot at this time
    y re welcome
  • i flying to Tunisia dis Saturday can anyone tell me what the weather is like over there now
  • hello dee, firstable i want to say welcome in tunisia , then i would like to give you some informations about the weather here in tunisia, now it s not very hot and not very cold it s medium , temperature between 20 and 29 , suny but not very hot, it s autoun now in tunisia, but u have to bring some clothes because it s quite cold at night
    if u want other informations don t hesitate to contact me at
    have nice time
  • Hii im Anand from paris ,im travelling to tunis this sunday 8th nov n will be there for 2 weeks,want to know how the weather will be also is USD convertable in tunis airport?
  • Anand - the weather is cooler now, but not as in Paris. Some days can be sunny and bright although the last few days we have had much rain, wind and cold. You can convert your USD into TD at the airport but the banks will probably give you a better rate. Convert some and convert as you need it as it. You can't use TD in the duty free on your way out
  • I went to tunisia in june 2009 what a fab holiday stayed in skanes at sahara beach it was magic trying to go back in march 2010, can not wait
  • Hi
    Im going to Tunisia at the end of feb for a week. What is the weather going to be as i have read on various websites saying it s going to be cloudy and rainy or sunny with a max of 25C.
  • Baby cakes, so glad you loved Skanes and Tunisia and we look forward to welcoming you back in March!!
  • Rachel - it will depend on where in Tunisia you are going but be aware that February is the middle of winter and it can be cold, wet and windy. Not sure about the 25c, never seen that here at that time of the year. A good site for weather watching is and they list a few cities in Tunisia
  • For the benefit of anyone interested we have just come back from a week in Tunisia (6th to 13th December).
    In Sousse it was in the low twenties celcius during the day, comfortable rather than boiling, and the mid teens during the night. The temperature drops very quickly after sunset and you would be well advised to take a coat if you intend being out during the night. Don't worry about looking silly, the locals are well wrapped up as well.
    We had a few days in the south, at the edge of the Sahara. Daytime temperatures were similar to Sousse but night time ones were noticeably lower. In fact it got very cold one night.
    The best advice I can give is to dress in layers which can be put on or taken off as necessary, e.g. T-shirt, thick shirt or jumper and finally a coat. When we were in the south we had early starts (7.00 am) and headed out with all three layers on. After the sun had been up for about an hour or so it was off with the coat then an hour or so after that it was off with the thick shirt or jumper. The procedure was reversed after sunset when, as I said before, the temperature drops very quickly.
    Hope that helps!
  • Tim - you are right. The south does have warmer day time temperatures but the nights there can be freezing. I live in the North and I can tell you that winter is here and right now!! Although we aren't used to the winters in Europe so it's warmer than there. But layers are definitely the way to go........great advice.
  • Hello,
    Me and my boyfriend are travelling to Tunisia march 7th for a week could you tell me what the weather would be like over there roughly please just so i know if i need anything extra, And also we are staying in Sousse ive heard there are religious days and i have to watch what i wear on certain days is this true ?
  • Hi Chantelle, sousse is a little milder than the other regions, however, it can still be quite cold in March. Don't know about watching what you wear on religious days? You should be respectful of the culture all the time. Dress more modestly than you perhaps do at home and you will gain the respect of the locals with easier interaction and less hassle. Sousse is a touristique area, so they are used to dealing with foreigners and have a well cultivated opinion. See if you can change that!
  • Thank you very much we have never been and saw a fantastic deal so snapped it up im looking forward to my stay at Tunisia i just wanted heat and sun and am beginning to worry that we wont get that,
  • chantelle - I'm sorry but I don't think you are going to get heat as such. But you will probably have mild weather and lots of sun.........but don't worry because Tunisia is wonderful at any time of the year. It's relaxed, laid back and I love it!! I am sure you are going to enjoy your time here.
  • hi am going to Tunisia end of march 2010 what is the weather like then am i will need to know what to pack.
  • Thank you very much for your help its much appreciated :) i just wanted to get a little tan so lets hope i get that
  • Hello I am planing on booking a last minute holiday to Tunisia at the end of this month. It looks like I'll be staying around Monastir, probably in Skanes. Can you tell me if this area is nice? Also I would like to go to see Ksar Ouled Soltane in Tataouine and go to Chenini and Douiret but looking at a map it seems like these places are very far from Skanes? Can you please tell me how far and how best to get there from Skanes? And if these places are worth going to. Many thanks
  • Hi it's Sam again nobody replied to my question!!! i'm going to tunisia in March 2010 so can anyone tell me what the weather is like at that time of year please???
  • Hi Sam, the weather in Tunisia is pretty mild at that time of year: max temperatures around 20 degree C. See here for more details on weather in Tunisia and other info about the country you might find useful. Lesley, our Tunisia expert will be back onlien soon with more info from the source. Doa search for posts about Tunisia on this forum and check out her previous feedback. Its good stuff!
  • thank you David F i really appreciate it !!
  • Hi im going to tunisa on the 21st on feb what is the weather like in feb usually?
  • Kayleigh: See here for more details on weather in Tunisia and other info about the country you might find useful.
  • Hi all - as I've just written in another post, tunisia may only be small but we have many different weather regions. We are in winter now and it can range from very cold to quite mild depending on the area. Winter can go until March/April and believe me in the south (dessert), the nights are intensely cold. However on the coast around the beach resort areas there is milder temperatures and of course quite sunny.
  • Hello Sam - gosh - be calm we are here! OK it depends where you are in Tunisia in March as to what you can expect the weather to be. It will range from cool to cold in the North, milder on the east coast, to freezing in the desert. If you let me have more info or go to one of the weather sites that David has suggested then you will find all the information you need.

    Enjoy your stay in Tunisie
  • Kayleigh - generally it's cold in February but again, depends on where you are as to what the temps are like. Unless you are from Iceland I would forget about tanning and swimming in the Med.
  • Hi Tanya,

    the areas you are looking at staying are purpose built tourist resort areas aimed mostly at those who wish to relax on the beach for a few days. they are clean and generally the hotels are good. there are things to do in and around the area. Tataouine is wonderful as are the other areas you mention, however, they are quite a distance from Skanes. It would be difficult for you with local transport as much of the time you need to go to Tunis to get to these places. Many of the hotels offer trips to these areas and it is a very convenient way for most tourists to see some of this country. Find out if your hotel can organise this, or alternatively, there are many tour companies in Skanes that offer day trips etc.
  • Hi there I am going to Tunisia, Skanes in June 2010. Cant really wait. Just wondering what sort of water sports are available from the beachs? Will it be real hot at that time of the year?
  • Hi,

    Me and my girlfriend will be going to Tunisia from 23rd June - 4th July 2010...can anyone give an insight into what sort of weather we can expect? We are staying in the resort of Yasmine Hammamet.

    Cheers- Taylor
  • GH - It will be warm, hot, warm, hot LOL!! June can become very hot, but on the coast it will be a little milder with nice sea breezes. You can dive, fish, wind sail etc. etc. There are many vendors of these sorts of things in Skanes and I am sure you will enjoy it. But also take a wander around Monastir and Sousse which are very close to Skanes. PEK is great for eating and has lots of restaurants/cafes around the marina areas.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation
  • Taylor - in a word it will be hot! Yasmine Hammamet is quite a tourist area but very clean and very nice. Lots of nice restaurants and cafes. I am sure you are going to enjoy your stay.
  • Hi this forum is very helpful we are going to Skanes in January 2010 to the Sahara Beach I must admit I was hoping for warm weather as the last time I went to Sousse about 30yrs ago for 3 weeks in January and came home lovely and tanned .We are 3 adult ladies with 2 little girls age 10 & 8 will we be ok and have you any tips on where not to take the girls!..Thank you..
  • Sorry that post above should have said..*we are going January 2011*
  • Hi Maggie, lucky you getting a tan in January. It's winter here and January can be quite cold, however, Skanes is a little milder than the north and you may well have some sunny days.

    You will all be absolutely fine. Tunisia is an extremely safe country and we all want to make sure that you enjoy your stay here. It is not super conservative but I always advise visitors, especially ladies, to be more modest in their clothing than perhaps they are at home. You will earn the respect of the locals and will feel more comfortable. the children will enjoy themselves, Tunisians adore children so they will be your gateway to 'extras' LOL!! I can't think of anywhere you can't take the girls, except perhaps walking down dark alleyways in the wee hours, but that goes for anywhere.

    I do hope you will enjoy your stay and if you need further information I am more than happy to help
  • Thank you for getting back to me that's a real help as I was a bit worried about taking the little girls but I think it's just common sense and we will be are doing a great job on here and I will keep reading to get more tips..have a good day!
  • HI Iam going to tunisia 14th march 2010, and would like to know if the ATM machines around as i will be staying in port el kantoui. Plus im hoping for some warm weather ?
  • Charhmaim13 - If you are staying in PEK then you can expect some nice warm weather. Just the last few days it has been quite warm but in Spring the weather can change quite quickly, but I am sure you will have some sun. There are many ATM in PEK so you will not have any problems, but you should check with your bank as to the amount it will cost per withdrawal. Some of the banks here charge the home bank quite a lot.

    I hope you will enjoy your visit.
  • I am going to Tunisia on 26th Feb along with my 8 month old. How is the weather there these days and what kind of clothes should we take along
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