Best time to go to Tunisia, weather in Tunisia in July and August
  • Zee - it will depend on where you are going to be as to what the weather will be like. It is now very nice and warm on the east coast resort areas but it is cool in the evening. If you bring some layers for you and your baby you should both be fine.
  • Hiya,
    Im going to PEK mid april with a male friend.
    I do have a few questions if anyone can help???
    1. Whats the weather like?
    2. We are not married, will we be o.k sharing a room?
    3. Where's the best place to visit
    4. Should I be concerned that I am a red head?

  • Hi Sandee

    I can try to help:

    1. weather will be warm - yah!!
    2. you should check with the hotel that they are ok with you sharing. Usually if you are two foreigners it should not be a problem
    3. ok this question is hard to answer and depends on your interests but you can take a louage to Sousse for the day or to Monastir or Hammamet or even venture further for a day in Tunis the capital to see the old city and perhaps some of Carthage
    4. No you shouldn't be concerned that you have red hair

    I hope you enjoy your vacation
  • Visiting Skanes on 7th April for a week. Don't know what to pack. The weather forecasts look varied. Please can anyone tell me what the weather is like? Is the beach out of the question?
  • Rach - the weather is starting to become a little warmer, however the sea temperature is still quite cool. But I am sure it will be nice to be on the beach. You should bring layers and something warm for the evening as it is still quite cool after the sun goes down.
  • Thanx Lesley. Looking forward to holiday
  • Rach, you are welcome and I hope you have a wonderful holiday
  • hi there we are going to skanes july 14th what is the weather like at this time of year there?

    kind regards kirsty
  • kippy - the weather in July is hot! Enjoy
  • Hi this is my 11th year visiting Tunisia absolutely adore Hammamet where we stay,and the people are fantastic made loads off,friends we normally go July/August but found 2009 extremly hot so we've decided on September this year ,will we still be able to spend lots of time on the beach.....roll on September 20 weeks to go!!!
  • Hi, I'm thinking of visiting early September, can anyone tell me what sort of temperature to expect?
  • Dave, the weather in September is very nice. It is still warm but the furnace has cooled down slightly. You can still swim and the nights are not so uncomfortable.
  • Ildiva - it makes me happy to hear how much you love Tunisia!! I hope you get to see more than Hammamet though! Welcome back
  • Hi there

    would you suggest the best currency for us to take would be Euros or Sterling?


  • Stoney - you can take either Euros or Stirling. It depends on your home currency and the exchange rate at the time. Either are acceptable and easily changed at any bank
  • hi there thanks lesley for the advice soo looking forward to our holiday in july :-)
  • Kippy - we are looking forward to you being here. Enjoy your holiday!!
  • hi there we going on holiday on the 14th of this month could you roughly tell me what the temperature will roughly be just wondering what to pack we are staying at the houda hotel and just wondered what the hotel is like , thanks so much for listening ill await your reply x
  • Kirsty - the weather is hot! I don't know which Houda you are speaking about - which area are you staying in?
  • hi there its the houda golf and beach resort in skanes
  • Kirsty - the Houda should be fine. I've not stayed there but from others comments it seems nice. I hope you enjoy your stay
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