Translation of documents for marriage
  • I intend marrying my algerian fiance in tunisia in september..there are alot of documents required, and as you can guess its a nightmare for me.. when I have all the documents required there wont be much time for me to get any translations done here in ireland..and i would really like to know what is my best option..1, find a translator fast here and hope they can be done in time for me..or 2, bring them to tunisia and hpe they can be translated in a few days.. Can anyone help me here please..even if I was to know how long these translations can take would be alot of pressure off me..thanks
  • eileen - it is easy and quick to get your dox translated here. Depending on where you will be you can have the dox back the same day.
  • thanks so much for your reply Lesley..I will keep you informed how things are progressing..I hopefully have all the information required now!! I'm waiting now for my future husband to get his new passport from he has applied for it nearly 2 months now!! and still no sign..the pressure is immense for us..but we will be fine..One other thing..I live in Carlow in Ireland and I think my only option is to go to Dublin with all my dox, but thanks to you, I know I can get the translations done fairly fast!! All the best to you and once again..thanks so much...Eileen
  • hi pls help i am getting married in tunisia hopefully on 9th september i go across on the 2nd but i have now just been told i need my birth and divorce certicate and i am really worried about the price as here in scotland i have been told £30 up words but does anyone know of a cheaper way pls help as it seems to be 1 thing after another urs starlitex
  • sorry i mean translated im that worried and stressed about it as i leave in just over 2 weeks pls help!!!!!!!!!!
  • your birth certificate has to be less than 21 days old and translated into french or arabic..i should know because I have just got my marriage, divorce and deep poll docs back from translation..As for the birth cert..well im living in ireland but born in england..I have been informed by my birth city tht they can send me my birth certs (3) within a week..they are costly as is everything else that is needed..I paid 170euro for my translations..I will have to pay 30pound stirling for my birth certs and another 100euro in dublin for a fast translation before i leave for tunisia!! ..look on the internet for translators..i did!! but thjey aint have to be prepared to spend money as I have.
    I wish you the best of luck on your marriage. Im getting married in sousse..hopefully by the 15th september..and leaving ireland on the 9th..the day your getting married!! I will be thinking about you on the plane of luck with everything
  • the cheapest way of getting your birth certificate is to go to your local registry..i would say no more than 9pound each stirling..
    as for your divorce papers
    u can get them free from the local office in your wishes
  • thx u for ur reply i have my divorce degree here i am getting my birth certicate on saturday £15 in scotland , but i am really worried about translating them as the money is tight rite now with with everything going on and i am trying my hardest to find a cheap way, we are getting married in hammanlif and then going back to hammamet im really worried about the translation i am spending on my spare time looking on line for a cheap way to translate them, good luck for ur wedding as i will belive tunisia on the 16th hopefully a married woman xxxxx
  • translations can be very expensive as i said in my last post. I took the first one who could do them fast..also the same man will translate my birth cert when i get it from England!! So your staying in Hammamet..wht a surprise!! We will be staying at the Royal Nozha Hotel in Hammamet!! from the 9th (your wedding day) until the 23rd September lol. Maybe we could all meet up there haha!! best wishes my you and your future husband..xxxxx
  • hi thx u for replying again yes we normally stay at the emira but we will be staying at residance la paix from the 2nd till the 16th but we are staying at his mum from the 7th till the 9th my patner trying to find out if it cheaper in tunisia to get it translated im really worried as i dont have the kind of money they asking for but it would be good to meet up my email address is be great hearing from u take care hope to hear from u soon xxxx
  • hi again..this is uncanny cuz we usually stay at the hotel emira but chose somewhere more expensive for this time lol..and we were gonna stay at the same hotel as u!! but after alot of thought we decided on the royal nozha golf..anyway i added u to my address is to hear from you soon xxx
  • Hi Eileen i want to start of by wishing you all the best for your marriage and your future life with your husband :)
    im from dublin, but like you my boyfriend is also from algeria , we plan to get married one day in tunisia also . hopefully within the next year or two!
    So i want to plan ahead and be prepared , to know all about the documents and information i will need . So i was just wondering if you could tell me help me in anyway possible , because as of now i dont know where really to begin or what i need at all , so the smallest amount of info you could share with me would be great . Anything to do with documents i might need or how you go about getting started ?? ... also if you know anything about visa's ? i am trying to sort that out aswell so my boyfriend can come to visit me in ireland ? i would really appreciate that to if you have any info on this aswell .
    Sorry to be any hassle to you , All the best and hope to hear from you soon :)
  • HI Aoife. I u want info hun, email me or add me to ur msn cuz its a complicated business with marriage and visas also..but i have all the info u will need when ur time comes!! in touch hun and i will help u as much as i can
  • hi everyone..just want to let everyone know tht i got married in hammam sousse tunisia on 14th there anyone out there who know anything about applying for my new husband to come and live with me here in ireland?? i'm only back home 2 days and miss him so much that i cannot wait any longer to apply!! any info would be greatly appreciated..thanks x
  • Eileen, there is a very good site for all things Tunisian and I know there are quite a few Irish girls on there who have married Tunisians. There is also a lot of threads about getting husbands to England/Ireland etc. Go to :

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